Autel and Local NTRIP Caster feature

I think the problem is the autentication, please read my private messagge.

Wow this is some exciting news! I read about this on an Autel forum. The timing could not be better for me as I just received my Phantom 4 RTK and was about to purchase a hotspot, but now I most likely will not.

Thank you Emlid team for yet another exciting release!


Hi there,

@david.negrete, it uses the same version as Emlid Caster. As you said, Emlid Caster works fine, so the protocol version shouldn’t be an issue.

@usicilia, I’ve answered you in PM. Thanks!

To other Autel users facing the issue: at the moment, I can’t say exactly what causes them. We need to check on that with Autel support. I’m pretty sure there are some specific requirements, but I don’t want to make assumptions. But there are no apparent reasons for these errors.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Have you found the authentication problem with autel devices?

Hi David,

Still investigating it with Autel.


Thank you for this. We are planning to replace all of our Phantom 4 drones with Autel drones as long as they keep on the path that they are on. It would be great to be very compatible with Emlid hardware.

Do you think Autel drones will do a good job fro mapping despite they lack mechanical shutter?
I am talking about jobs that require taking photos with drone speed between 6-10 m/s.

It depends what software suite you use to reconstruct more than what camera. For example, Metashape and Pix4D have built-in vertical displacement correction, but OpenDroneMap doesn’t yet. Global shutter is more desirable, but it can be bypassed if your flight speed is low and your software can correct for it.

If you use the EVO RTK its max speed is 4.9 m/s in RTK mode. That helps compensate for no mechanical shutter. Just takes longer to map larger areas. But that being said my P4 RTK limits the speed also.


Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that limitation. So at 5m/s i think it is ok for rolling shutter camera.
For 2.5K the EVO RTK is a real deal…!

Where do you see it for $2,500? The drone itself is $3.750 without the RTK module or the base station.

In my country Greece the Autel EVO II Pro (6Κ) RTK Rugged Bundle
costs 2500 euros plus VAT. Are you talking about another drone?

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Is that exactly what the advertisement says? Are you sure it actually has the port for the RTK module? I have seen EVO II Pro 6K Rugged Bundles but never a specific one for RTK that wasn’t Enterprise. A link would be cool…

I sent you pm.

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Thanks for that. I have never seen that package before but i will sure ask our Rep about it.

Hi Svetlana,

Just checking to see if you are getting any help from Autel’s end?

Thanks !

Hi Dave,

Still no news, unfortunately.

Hi Svetlana,

Thanks for the update. I’ve emailed a couple of contacts at Autel. Hopefully we can find someone that can follow up on this. It is such a great feature! It is in Autel’s best interest to have this working.

Autel has terrible customer service, I feel for those waiting for this to be actioned, I have an ongoing customer service issue with them and it will be 13 weeks this friday

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Just keeping the topic open. I have the same connection issues with my EVO II pro RTK to the RS2 locally.