Arming the Navio2


I calibrated the ESC first separately, after that I calibrated all ESC again with contact with the Navio2 after I have done the calibration and remove the battery it not works, why?

Hi Nasser,

you need to arm Arducopter, either with a switch or with throttle down and yaw right. Arming may be prevented if arducopter fails a number of prearm checks. For bench testing you can disable the prearm checks by setting ARMING_CHECK 0. Be sure to enable the checks before you go flying.

Hi @schuermannsebastian,

when I change ARMING_CHECK setting to 0 I can’t connect the RC in this time the ARMING_CHECK value is 1 , now it shows to me I need to check FS_THR_VALUE, my FS_THR_VALUE 975, and also it says the battery 1 low voltage failsafe, I am using now 3600mAh battery.

I did not really understand this, sorry.
When you disable the arming check, you do not have RC input?
All RC channels should have a input range from 1000 to 2000us or thereabout.
To trigger a RC failsafe the receiver should be set to output below the normal range, if the connection to the transmitter is lost. This value is set to 975us by default.
Battery failsafe is triggered by voltage or remaining capacity. You have to check if the battery monitor (power module) is properly setup.

Sorry for late response.

Yes, when I disable the arming check I can’t gate the RC input.

I can not see how disabling arming check can lead to no RC input. Is this repeatable?

No, I tried today but nothing happens to the RC.

Also, I still can’t arm the drone. know when I turn on my drone and RC the Navio2 starts to plink a blue LED.
Can you provide me with some photos or videos to helps me more?

I found this setup,

the LED not became a solid green it is only flashing green LED slowly, after that it slashes fast.

Hi @Nasser,

What flight mode have you set up?

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,

I used AltHold mode

Hi @Nasser,

Please enable Pre-Arm checks and check the failure messages in Mission Planner. All possible failure messages and reasons are listed here. It will help us to understand if all components are calibrated and work fine.

Hello @svetlana.nikolenko ,

I solve the issue of arming. However, when I start spinning the propellers after a few seconds, one of the propellers stops from spinning and starts to beeps.
Sametime one or two propellers stops.

Hi @Nasser,

Could you send the video showing the behavior?



Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,!AqkyNyULyP8vh30DtZUyY4bOEWb0?e=abxL7o This link takes you to the outlook folder, where you can find the video.

looks like you are using a NiCd Battery.
ESC’s are often setup for LiPo Batteries. You can use a NiCd Battery but you need to program your ESC to match or else due to voltage difference the ESC assumes low battery power and stops motor running.
I strongly suspect this is what is happening with your drone.

Hello @anon31534460,

Thx for your response.

can you pls provide me the steps to program it? and in the future, if I changed the batteries to LiPo I need to change the program again?

Yes, if you change to a different type of battery you will have to change settings. You also have to make sure correct battery voltage / amount of cells are set or else the ESC’s also don’t work as expected.
As to programming procedure it is up to your individual brand and model. You may have to google for the instructions.

Here are just two examples in this post (half way down)

If I change my battery to LiPo, which voltage you recommended for me? I use 4 motors each one of theme 1000KV and the ESC 30A. If I used 5200mAh 11.1V or more it will not affect my parts?

I have to chime in again. If this is a 7.4V NiCd or NiMh battery, your drone will not fly. This type of battery is not up to the task. I guess the motors cut out, because the voltage drops below 2S lipo empty voltage as soon as the motors draw current. Lipo batteries are what made copters possible/practical in the first place.
Use a 3S lipo battery (5200mAh might be to heavy).