APN required for enabling mobile data

How do you know what the APN should be? I’m having the same problems.

That solely depends on your operator. They will know.

I put in the APN and it still doesn’t work.

Any help anyone?? I’m getting frustrated with the lack of backup on a product that costs $2K!

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Did you read the other thread here where the fellow had to call his cellular provider and have the IMEI number of his Reach RS2 ‘added’ to the SIM card?

I suppose that means that your SIM card could be restricted to only work in devices that have been registered with the cellular provider. You might want to give them a call and have your IMEI number handy.

Also, remember to post a screenshot of your Mobile tab in ReachView as suggested by Emlid previously in this thread.
On top of that, you can provide a simple or full system report to Emlid support for them to take a deeper look.

Hi @jbuchanan,

May I ask you to clarify which mobile operator’s SIM card do you use?

Could you send me the Full System report from your Reach RS2 in PM?

Thanks for everyone’s comments. So I eventually found out through other sources that the Reach system only works with specific providers. I can;t understand why this is not on any of the Emild sources. If you are in the USA, only T-Mobile or AT&T are your options.

To my knowledge there are no restrictions on any named operators. There are some technical limits, but such limitation could be in place on all products you buy.

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If its any consolation mate, Im yet to get mine to connect via internet. Very frustrating.

Surely if this is the case Emlid would be advising customers within the instructions? If this is not not the case, why is this not the case?

It was information provided by 1 user, specific to his service provider. I’m sure if it is verified / corroborated, then it might make it into the documentation. But it obviously doesn’t apply to the majority of service providers worldwide, so it is your service provider who should be telling you that.

Let us know if that is your issue, as I’m sure the feedback will help any others with the same problem.


T-Mobile and AT&T are the providers we tested and can confirm they work. However, any other GSM provider should also work fine in the US.

So I bought a T Mobile SIM which appeared to connect last week and this morning it no longer will let me enable mobile data. What to do now???

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Hi @jbuchanan,

Does Reach detect the SIM card? Could you please insert this SIM card in your phone and check if it provides the mobile data?

Hi Gleb,

So I have managed to get the SIM card to work and get connected but I can’t get the gray bars to show on the status screen. Any suggestions?


Hi @jbuchanan,

Do you see any incoming RTCM messages in the ‘Correction input’ tab?

May I also ask you to send the Base correction log from this unit? You can download it in the ‘Logging’ tab of ReachView.

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