Anybody able to get NTRIP Corrections from NASA's CDDIS Casters?

Has anyone out there had any luck getting NTRIP corrections by connecting to any of the mount points maintained by NASA as part of the CDDIS network? The Reach software throws a server connection error every time I attempt to connect. According to this post [Ntrip CDDIS secure SSL 443 - emlid error "Recv (114)"] it may be due to the need for a security certificate. But I thought due to this post [RTK FIX positioning using CDDIS over NTRIP?] maybe there was now a work-around. I have not had any success.

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Hi Matthew,

What address do you enter in NTRIP tab of ReachView?

According to the CDDIS guide, some manipulations with SSL certificate are required indeed to make it to work. I am afraid we are not aware of the workaround but maybe it’s possible to check with their support. Perhaps, they will be able to provide an alternative IP address to connect to.

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