Ntrip CDDIS secure SSL 443 - emlid error "Recv (114)"

Does anyone have experience connecting to secure NTRIPs and specifically to NASA’s CDDIS caster?

Emlid Reach RS+ keeps giving me an error when I try to connect to CDDIS ntrip … specifically “Recv error (114)”

The caster is: https://cddis-casterreg.gsfc.nasa.gov/index.html
The is an https secure sockets layer (SSL) caster only, running exclusively on port 443.

Caster IP: cddis-caster.gsfc.nasa.gov
Port: 443
Configuration settings are here: https://cddis.nasa.gov/Data_and_Derived_Products/Caster_client_config.html

I can connect and stream ok from my pc using the BNC app as described here.
But when I try the same settings on my emlid Reach RS+ under “Correction Input”/“NTRIP”, I see the mount points ok and choose mine, but I keep getting “Recv error (114)”.

I am thinking that it isn’t working because of the SSL certificate requirement which I can setup on my pc ok, but my emlid has no place to enter it.

I can connect to other casters and mountpoints without any problems.

I know I can always post-process, but I am using this in the Galapagos Islands (CDDIS has a station there) and it would be so nice to have real-time fixes there.

Any advice or help is welcome.

Thank you very much.

Hi @MWT,

Do you have a login/password to connect to this NTRIP service?
If yes, please, send them in DM so that I can make a test.

Hi @MWT,

Thanks for the info.
According to this page, it seems like your station GLPS0 is not operating.

STR;GLPS0;Puerto Ayora;RTCM 3;1076(1);2;GPS;JPL;ECU;-0.74;-90.30;0;0;JAVAD TRE_G3TH DELTA;none;B;N;4500;

Can you contact caster support to clarify this?


Thanks for your response.

I checked with NASA/JPL who supports the caster and they say that the station GLPS0 is operating ok and that I have the correct permissions for it.

To check, I can also stream its data using the BNC app with my credentials as described here: https://cddis.nasa.gov/Data_and_Derived_Products/Caster_client_config.html.

Also to check, I see the the daily rinex/obs files are posted up to yesterday … see file “glps0550.19o.Z” here: ftp://cddis.nasa.gov/gnss/data/daily/2019/055/19o/

My credentials also give access to 2 other stations and all work with the BNC app … try “GLPS0”, “GODE0”, “BOGT0” if you want to try others.

What in that string indicates that it is not up? You cited … “STR;GLPS0;Puerto Ayora;RTCM 3;1076(1);2;GPS;JPL;ECU;-0.74;-90.30;0;0;JAVAD TRE_G3TH DELTA;none;B;N;4500;”

I am thinking it is something with the SSL certificate and port 443 requirement with emlid … my other NTRIPs work ok with my emlid.

Any advice? I greatly appreciate your time. Thanks

Hi @MWT,

Unfortunately, I think you’re right. This issue is related to SSL certificate. So, at the moment it’s impossible to connect Reach to that kind of NTRIP casters.
Maybe you can try to get corrections on your PC and send it to Reach but this scheme needs to be tested.

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