RTK FIX positioning using CDDIS over NTRIP?

Contemplating purchasing two REACH RS2s for survey instead of a traditional Total Station. Aside from this one specific question, I’m sold.

Our organisation is in Maryland, and while I’ve read a lot about setting up NTRIP subscription services on the REACH RS2, can someone give me a clear answer if NASA’s CDDIS Data Caster will work for getting an RTK Position Fix using a base and rover setup? Link: https://cddis.nasa.gov/Data_and_Derived_Products/Data_caster_description.html

Is post-processing or GCPs a Marylander’s only free option? In terms of Real-time streams I have not found free NTRIP services available in my area (any info to the contrary would be appreciated as well!)

Hi @mr.face,

Sorry for the delay!

Reach RS2 supports receiving corrections in the RTCM3 format. Based on the link that you sent, NASA’s CDDIS Data Caster provides correction data in this format as well. So it should work fine with Reach RS2. You need to configure RTK over NTRIP in the ReachView app.

Is post-processing or GCPs a Marylander’s only free option?

If you have 2 Reach RS2 units, you can configure one as a base and one as a rover and work in RTK. However, please note that you need to know the base position to achieve absolute accuracy.

Thank you for the response. Our Reach (the base/rover set-up) is on order so i’ve had to suss stuff out all hypothetically. This community has really helped in making the decision to purchase one.

Hi @mr.face,

Don’t hesitate to ask in case you face any difficulties with a device! We always ready to help.

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