Antennas for Reach M2

Does anyone know if there is a list of antennas that will work with the M2? I was looking at some antennas from novatel such as the GPS-713-GGG-N and GPS-713-GGGL-N. Any thoughts? Looking for an antenna to fit the top of my enclosure that used to have a L1 gps only receiver in it.

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I got the Harxon GPS 500 antenna for the M2. David Hess on the forum recommended it. It’s a small antenna and has calibration for NGS OPUS use.

I know one of the forum members used this one.

I am considering it.

That’s what it is a Harxon GPS 500 antenna

Emlid has this one ,I am using it with very good results.Is there any reason you would not use it?

I have no doubt that the emlid antenna will work well, but I was looking for something that would go in the original housing that the old L1 novatel gps Antenna went.

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Maybe this will fit ?

I know what isn’t working. I tried a Trimble AG25 L1/L2/L5 no satellites. I was hopeful as I have a spare handy.

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That looks like it would fit, I will go and check the housing. Do you have a link to a place where I could buy this? Who makes it?

Actually, someone else told me that a Trimble AG25 does work. I am wondering if the cable I purchased, Reach M2/M+ TNC antenna adapter cable 2m, might have a problem. I will be checking with a multimeter this evening.

Hey there,

When choosing the antenna for M2, I highly recommend checking its specs before connecting the antenna. Reach M2 only handles antennas that meet the following requirements:

  • Antenna output current no more than 100 mA
  • Antenna DC bias no more then 3.3 V

More info on Reach M2 electrical specs can be found in our docs.

Hi Tatiana

I have additional questions. Multi-band GNSS antenna ( phase centers’ offsets for L1 = 0.032m; L2 = 0.037 m. the Value L1 = 0.032m ; L2 = are 0.037 m zaplikowane to software internal Reach M2? How to introduce given L1 and L2 for the different aerial? Are there with the regard of L1 and L2 heights in NMEA?