Antennas for Reach M2

Hi Artem

Altitude is passed from in the announcement NMEA the observation:

  1. L1?
  2. L2?
  3. Enumerated from average observations L1 and L2?

On the example my aerial L1= 0,0516 m; L2 = 0,0556. Height of the stick 2,00 m.

  1. H = 88,684 - 0,0516 - 2,00 = 86,6324 ?
  2. H = 88,684 - 0,0556 - 2,00 = 86,6284 ?
  3. H = 88,684 - ((0,0516 + 0,0556) / 2) -2,00 = 86,6304?

Which calculation is correct?

Hi Pawel,

Thanks for your patience.

I’d considered taking the formula number three here as a basis. The height string in the NMEA message is referenced from the ARP and neither both phase offsets, nor the survey pole height are not included in it.

Also, there is one more point to consider: the NMEA message includes the geoid separation height, which comes straight after the number you’ve highlighted on your screenshot. You can consider summing it up to your measurements depending on your use-case.

Hi Artem

He thanks for the professional answer.

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