Antenna position relative to camera

I’m just integrating the Reach RTK to my M600PRO.

The antenna is on a GPS mount on the M600PRO and the DSLR is under the M600PRO, with a vertical distance of cca 50cm and some horizontal distance too.

I presume that this offset distance data has to be written somewhere in the ReachView so that it knows the exact position of the camera? Or sometimes later in PPK?

Thanks for your help

Hey Dario
This is a still a ongoing project of Emlid. There is no solution yet that I know of. In the mean time, I just manually offset the vertical difference from the end coordinate. This is definitely not ideal and doesn’t compensate for a lateral offset. It also doesnt take into consideration the pitch and roll of the aircraft relative to the phase center.
Hopefully this is addressed in the coming year.

But for now, just DIY, but I am not sure how badly it would affect you accuracy with such a big gap. Mine is usually only a few CM.

Hi Luke,
thnx for your reply.
Do you have an automation for manually offsetting the coordinates? For a larger area with hunderds of pictures it would be impossible to do it manually…

And how did you manage to have such a small distance from camera to GPS? What is your setup/rig?

Use Excel! Or a simple Python script using Numpy

We fly mainly fixed wings and have a neat setup with the antenna almost directly on top of the camera as a “Pod”. We are also planning to put the “pod” on a M600 as we now have one avalible to us. We are experimenting with extending the deck and having the camera offset over the nose on carbon fiber rails. Our initial tests show that this is not ideal as there is a lot of noise that comes off the M600 for us. The aircraft doesnt seem to mind an offset CG.

I’ll try with Excel first.

First I will try to level the GPS with the camera in flight direction, which will give me offset in height and side directions.

I do PPK, so let’s see what results I’ll get.

Also, I’ll have to check Pix4D, they are trying to implement an antenna offset setting option. Don’t know how far they got.

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Ja, the Pix4d thing may help. But don’t write off Emlid just yet. They have a habit of pulling multiple rabbits out of the hat at times!

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Hey Luke,

We are in the same boat here and has to find a way to reduce the antenna offsets. Just wondering are you offsetting only the vertical or all dimensions? At the same time, could you help explain a little bit more about using Numpy?
Thanks very much



Tantan, I just offset vertical, I am not that clever! (its very seldom needed for our aircraft and we normally just adjust the level of the base to reflect the offset.)

Regarding Numpy, I just got into Python so Im probably over killing it a bit, but Im trying to include it in everything I do especially for GIS work. I just import an array, import numpy and then minus the offset to the array.

About IMU (E-bubble). Would that handle antenna offset from camera or are we talking applied offset IMU?
Like Z=-50cm and imu handles the rest

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hello Dario, I would like to integrate reach and reach rs on my m600 pro. How I have to setup the sistem? How reach can comunicate to reach rs? Could you held me? I’m ready to pay for this help!!))

I’m using just the Reach Rtk on the drone and do ppk later. So I don’t have any experience with real time connections.
But as much I know, to do RTK, you need a radio to connect both Reach RS (base) and the Reach Rtk (rover). Or a WiFi network if the range is good enough for you job.
The 3DR works well and you can find the wiring at

Thanks for your answer, can I know something more about your configuration and connection to the camera? You trig the picture with m600 then you log via shoe mount precise data to reach Rtk? Witch radio module you use to make Comunication within the 2 Reach module?
Thanks again.

With arducopter there is a possibility to define a GPS x,y,z position offset relative to the autopilot using threee parameters.
It does not solve the geotaging errors, though.

Thanks Luke for your help! You mentioned that you normally just offset the base, do you mean applying the offset to the base on the ground instead of applying the offset to the rover?



I mean if i need to shift the antenna by 35mm, I just minus 35mm from the Z ordinate of the base when processing.

Fabio, I don’t use radios. I trigger the DSLR with the M600P, and the hotshoe on the DSLR triggers the Reach RTK. The correction I do later in PPK, with the data from terrestrial correctional stations.

Hi Dario, thanks for responding, I don’t understand one think, how reach(rover) on your m600 can connect wiresly during fly with Reach rs(base)

This offset really should be handled by photogrammetry software, it has the most precise picture orientation (far better than from an IMU). Photoscan has this feature.

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As I said, I don’t use a Reach (base), but you can connect the base and rover over the same wlan. But then the distance would be much shorter then over radios.