Antenna offset compensation

Hi everyone. I was looking for a solution to the well-known “compensate antenna offset issue”, like described in this (closed) topic:

@emlid: any news regarding this? Pix4D still doesn’t have a solution. I have an A6000 on an M600 Pro and I placed the Reach M+ antenna about 15 cms above the drone’s top cover… so even though I placed it right above the camera’s lens, there will be an X and Y offset anyway, when the drone tilts in flight…

Maybe you have found a solution to this by now, @dario.finderle?

@dan… I saw your reply on the topic mentioned above:

I agree that a XYZ offset will work only if a N/S flightpath is set which is not always appropriate
and for the other cases only the delta Z can be input.
Facing this problem, a quick solution was finding a way to move the antenna over the camera to eliminated the need for XY offset and dealing only with the Z.
Using a short mast should mitigated the level effect …
Still in developpment - testing phase

Does this work? I mean the offset in Z?

yes it does
enter z o/s in rtkpost

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I support you then dont yaw the platform at all, and always fly fixed heading?

in my actual situation, the reach antenna is now over the camera
and only the Z off set is corrected
and no fixed heading (which was a temporary solution at the time)

about the Northing o/s induce by the yaw
an estimation according to the speed can be made
but will this fine adjustment be noticeable at the end ? maybe

we have to keep in mind that the same dataset
process with different softwares
will not produce exactly the same orthoimages
and the difference between them can be more important

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Hi @jantjj,

Do you still need any help with this question or @dan answer helped?

Not really, but it will do for now, until a better solution comes along :slight_smile:

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