Aluminium Weaver

Not sure if you are using adrucopter as firmware but normally the barometer has a lot to do with the alt “hold” portion of hold and if not covered correctly can bounce/drift quite a bit. I have seen the same behavior before using just the barometer but cleaned it up with the use of a lidar. I am using both the lidar lite v3 and v3hp. all depends on how far you’d like to see (sense) and in what conditions. The new lotier controller of arducopter flies very well once you do an autotune and get your parameters dialed in.

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yes, I use Arducopter with Navio 2 barometer.
I done the calibration right before the flight and restarted controller.

Results were good - at height of 4-5 meters, alt fluctuation is around 20-30 cm, in windy conditions.

What is the flight mode to hold both position and altitude? I.e. just to hover on the spot?


You could try to protect the barometer a little bit better.

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thanks mate, protected it a bit more.


the landing gear is very good at beach landing into wet sand.

A bit improved camera mount with foam.
Less high-frequency vibration.

But need a gimbal… And some tweaking of Gopro (or using iPhone instead).

12000 mAh (3s) battery is in transit from China at the moment.

So far extremely happy with this drone. Planning to try lifting SLR.

Another plan - FPV camera + googles.

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Aluminium Weaver mk2 is in progress:

  • thinner aluminium T profile
  • dremel cut aluminium motor sockets
  • 12 Ah battery
  • light landing gear
  • the above Raspberry Pi Navio case
  • redesigned wiring
  • redesigned camera mount

Great! But why don’t you choose aluminum tubes?
Are you having access to a 3d printer (the case looks as if it is printed)?

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I dont have access to aluminium square profiles here; couldn’t find it - only U, L and T profiles.

T profile feels very rigit and light. It might be even better than square profile by its physical characteristics.

But mounting components (GPS antenna, landing gear, battery, etc) - is more difficult due to lack of flat horizontal and vertical surfaces.

I ordered the 3D printing online via Sculpteo - expensive.

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Some improved video quality after adjusting GoPro settings.

I ordered the 3D printing online via Sculpteo - expensive.

How much?

145$ including 30$ express shipping using UPS. PA12 60mu.

WOW. But the process thy describe on there webpage does include some work. Are the anti vibration grommets printed too?

Damping balls not 3d printed (although they are same color :)), they are from DJI gimbal, ordered on Aliexpress.

Not sure though what is their weight rating.

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really funny!

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Aluminium Weaver Mk2 topic:

Some footage from last mission.

Sorry for vertical video.

Today tried the new self-assembled 3s1p 12000mAh LiPo (below picture - but with more proper insulation).

Battery: screw connectors worked fine. This is a feasible alternative when spot-welding is not available.

Drone came overweighted with ~55% throttle to hover at full charge.

Loiter and RTL were unstable in the wind (swinging), probably due to the overweight.

Manual control is still acceptable.

Will revert back to 5500mAh and test the 12000mAh in the Mk2 drone.

PS: I found out that BEC on my ESC does not stabilize the voltage - it needs a power module, otherwise 5v output is really unstable.

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Isn’t this just a tuning question more than anything?

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