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Hello, I’m a new RS2+ customer in Italy, I’m an old topographic surveyor, with years of experience with Topcon and Leica GNSS receivers.
With my new RS2+ I am currently using flow in the survey version, but this software only has the basic functions for a surveyor. I need some other functions to be able to work well, like loading the Google satellite map, and in particular, I need software that has integrated CAD, in which to draw lines, circles, make offsets, etc.
The Italian seller offers me the t-pad software, which however does not seem to me to have a good quality/price ratio.
What surveying software do you use?
What cost-effective alternatives could help me?
Thank you

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We use fieldgenius, in my opinion the windows version is a bit better than the Android version and the technical support is very good and fast, it has many videos on how to use it.

There is also TCP-GPS from aplitop, or Surpad in its older versions.


:+1: MicroSurvey FieldGenius!!! Free 30 point limit FULLY functional Windows and Android demos. Try them! Windows is fully finished… Android WIP. Depends on what you need until then.

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I also use Field Genius Android.
You might want to give Field Genius Windows a try as the above posters recommended


Thank you so much at all. Next days i will try Field Genius and T-pad for a comparsion because the price list of these two software are similar. I also going to try Surpad android, because i think it may be able to do all that i need, but with really really lower price.

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Not exactly sure, but seems to be multiple similar chinese apps re-branded for different receiver/antenna products? I.e. SurPad, SurvX, Tersus, SurveyMaster, and more. Some ONLY work with their brand receiver/antenna, so make sure the Emlid works with it before committing to it. I.e. not sure if newer versions of SurveyMaster work with Emlid anymore.

Surpad has a lot of functionality and isn’t very expensive.

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This weekend I focused on testing Surpad Android 4.2 (30 day demo version). I configured rs2+ and did some measurements. It seems to me that it is not a bad solution, even if the thousand settings make me insecure.

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Could you tell us a bit more about your project? What would you like to see in the Google satellite map layers? Would you like to be able to draw a circle with an arc or a closed polygon?

We have COGO features on our roadmap, so I’d love to hear more about what features you’d like to see in Emlid Flow.

As others in this thread pointed out, you might want to look into FieldGenius. We have a guide on how to set it up with RS2+.


Hello, I need:

  • Google maps satellite layer
  • basic cad funcion like offset of an numeric distance (i need to type the desidered distanze), draw circles with numeric radius (i need to type the radius) snaps (endpoint, middlepoint, center of circle)
  • basic layer sistem for divide for examples relevated point, staked point, lines, cad blocks)
  • better cad exportation (the text are not joint with the point, you should export a block with point and attributes)
    I’m less interessed in arc and polygons.
    Cogo points for me are an optionals, because with a simple notepad you can handle cogo points. obviously a cogo function simplify your work, but not block it like the missed CAD function.

About Field Genius i think it is too much expensive for an entry level hardware.

P.S. I need “matrici di varianza e covarianza” in the csv export

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Thank you for such a thorough explanation! Some of your points are on our roadmap (such as COGO). We’re collecting such cases for consideration, and I’ll add yours as +1.

We have a Mapbox satellite layer in Emlid Flow. Can you tell me why you would prefer to have a Google Maps one?


Si fuera bueno que activaran mas funciones cogo como perpendicular o offset de un punto, calculo de areas y perimetro. Los desplazamiebtos de un punto a punto en tiempo real sin necesidad de poner en replanteo

I tryed mapbox, the definition of mapbox satellite photos is really low, they are practically unusable. google maps has enormously enlarged and defined satellite photos.

You can get Google satellites imagery into Mapbox by using QGIS.


I know Dave, that’s exactly what I did for two jobs. Using qgis and mapbox is a long procedure that is only necessary a few times, but it is convenient every time, so except in special cases it is not worth doing all those steps. however the biggest problems I have with flow “survey” is the inability to have basic cad commands.

Flow is pretty basic… it’s NOT going to do what you need. Features aren’t going to be available overnight either. You need to look at other WELL ESTABLISHED FULL FEATURED third party survey programs.

I’m going to purchase surpad android 4.2


I suspect that Emlid or Mapbox can’t serve Google products without incurring a license fee that would have to be passed along to users.


Thank you for the feedback! I’ve added your request as well.,

Thank you for explaining your difficulties, I’ve added this to our internal feature request list.