A subscription to do line work?!

Say it ain’t so emlid!

I am surprised/disappointed that emlid is going the way of the subscription model. I’ve tried very hard to look for and support products that don’t apply this model. Even going out of the way to use tools that require extra steps compared to the competition.

I guess time will tell but I always thought emlid was carving out a niche of individuals that wanted/needed survey grade functions for a variety of uses but didn’t make sense to purchase the Trimble’s and Leica’s because of our use cases.

I personally bought my units for drone work and messing around on my acreage. Setting up gis maps with utilities and marking a variety of locations. Line work was the last thing that this unit truly needed imo.

That was even reflected in the forums. It was probably the most requested feature to be added. And y’all decided to add it alright, but also to take advantage and charge people for what they have been requesting and should be part of the unit.

I don’t know what else to say.

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Just go buy Fieldgenius for Android and take it off maintenance and you got exactly what you are proposing. Including localizations. $1350 includes a year of maintenance so you get at least one update.


795€ at ‘GlobalGPSSystems’. (Netherlands)


That’s an amazing find!

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i am a small time surveyor, maybe emlid can consider 100 usd per year.

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Yeah because $300/year is outrageous.

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Os produtos da Emlid, foi justamente apostando em uma GNSS com um custo benefício em relação aos outros fabricantes. com um software de coleta fazendo parte do pacote dos receptores, sem custo adicional ou mensalidades utilizando um sistema operacional de plataforma com foco de redução de custos extras, como software e coletoras, Mais fiquei surpreso .

Não há dúvida nisso. O coletor de dados e o licenciamento de software na Topcon custam $ 5.000 toda vez, quer você compre um receptor ou não.

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By their pricing policy, Emlid is now excluding all those who have helped make Emlid great over the years by buying their products and giving countless feedbacks and reports here on the forum.

I challenge Emlid to offer a pricing model that supports linework for non-commercial casual users and is still affordable or free!


I think you just hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately that’s not who businesses cater to.


$100 per year or paying for a certain number of days a certain amount eg $12 for 45 days etc. Otherwise is too expensive for some of us as we do not get to use the equipment daily or monthly.


Well, finally EMLID fell into the clutches of commercialization. Now I remember my grandfather, all that glitters is not gold.


Hi everyone!

We updated our monthly pricing to $25/month. @igor.vereninov has explained our reasons in this thread in detail:


Most honorable. You all blow me away.

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Trimble & Leica RTK systems/hardware cost significantly more than Emlid’s.
In fact, even the mid-priced Carlson RTK system costs approx $10,000/ receiver which is also cheaper than Trimble or Leica set-up, yet significantly more expensive than the $2200/receiver cost of the Emlids.
To my knowledge, none of the more expensive receivers offer useful data collection software for free. Emlid will still offer a free version of Reacvhiew to collect basic data on.
Should Emlid NOT be entitled to generate decent profit somewhere?
At present, I’m using my RS2 receivers with FieldGenius Android, which costs a lot more than free but gives me a lot more features & functionality. These units will most likely fall into the hands of professionals using them to generate a profit. It is not unreasonable for the equipment provider to do the same albeit significantly lower than the established competitors.


Emlid was a really great company because it was able to sell equipment that had previously been the exclusive domain of professional users due to the high cost. A huge number of hobbyists and semi-professional users enjoyed the new possibilities.

In the meantime, hardware and software have improved and professional users are happy to be able to save a lot of money by using Emlid devices.

Unfortunately, hobby users are now falling by the wayside. There is less profit to be made with them and they are no longer the primary target group of Emlid. This is a great pity, it disappoints me and I find it indecent, because the success of Emlid is based on rtklib, a free software. Emlid is not cool anymore!

So your idea now is to keep on spamming with this negative nonsense? Keep up with the mantra “the beatings will continue untill morale improves!”.

For me at least, I wouldn’t say that.

I don’t expect much to change. They have made their business decision and will go through with it.

My negative talk is just frustration with the system as a whole. Is it going to change emlids decision or the entire system by comparing about it here? Of course not.

Pretty much farting in the wind is it’s equivalent.

I did see they lowered the monthly cost to 25$. So maybe the complaining did something?

As another person pointed out, the people complaining are moreso non-commercial users. We can’t just pass off that additional expense to a customer.

But at least I can see doing 25$ for the month or two a year I actually use the emlid hardware.


The basic app that is based on the RTKLIB software remains free
The receivers remain at an affordable price
There are other free apps that can be used with the receivers
There is a lot to be thankful for


I am aware there are other share options right now.

But I would not be surprised anymore if emlid locked everything down in a couple years, so people would be required to pay to utilize the hardware.