A subscription to do line work?!

This is a good development : -

“there is more flexibility to pay for just those months when you actually need it”


Bittersweet taste of Emlid’s decision. On the one hand, it is logical that this company wants to profit from its software developments, it is perfectly legitimate.

That said, I think the entry price they have set for subscriptions is rather expensive, unlocking only three actions, one of them something as simple as the display of a ground image that is not their own.

I have seen that you have suggested several paid applications. Value for money “TCP GPS” (https://www.aplitop.com/software/tcp-gps) (https://atyges.es/tienda/tcp-gps-software-para-gps/) available for android and windows is one of the best applications I have seen. It has two versions, basic which is quite complete for 500 € permanent license and advanced which allows you to edit tracks and perform more types of calculations directly in the field for about 1,000 €. Given these prices, that’s why I’m saying that the three items that Emlid unlocks with the subscription seem expensive to me.

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i was waiting to see how long it would take before emlid started charging for basic functions to use the hardware.
here in nz i have used my rs+ on my roof since 2017 as a base station and the other rs+as a rover
but the emlid software was no good to use as a surveyor daily.
then i bought the rs2 to use with the rs+ and it works great .but not with your app it is no good as it is. there are no functions . i use magnet field from topcon just the basic gps app at a cost of$60 per month with full functions ,and you guys want $40.00 for 3 functions and a map that is not yours
if you were to put in say area,curves,traverse,surface,pt in direction,inverse,resection,calculate surface,and one inportant one The tilt function these are just a few
then emlid would be a good software to use .
i have tested the emlid rs2 against the lecia GS18($65,000 here nz) and it is on par within a couple of mm in ver and hor
had my rant now
but will still use your hardware


I agree the price that was initially set could be a little high for infrequent use or owner/operator scenarios but to call the additions simple IMO is not justified. These functions take their software to entirely different industries. When I got here it was GIS software just like the 10’s of other free apps that were out there. Now they are approaching full functionality for construction and Surveying. It was perfect for aerial mapping this whole time and all that remains free. If a medium sized construction company such as ours wants to deploy about 8 of them right now how many companies and added clients do you think there will be across the US and the world? That’s a big management load to Emlid. Monthly subscriptions are available so it would be pretty easy to limit the billing to actual use time.




How did you get Topcon Magnet Field to store points with the Reach?

We have the full Magnet Field software which is the yearly subscription to use with our LN-100 so we can map under trees etc.
Last year we had to purchase a Sokkia GCX3 and a GRX3 since we could not get our RS2 RTK Fix nmea string to store in Magnet Field so we could do 3D line work with Z offsets to place utilities in real world locations…

Our RS2 are pretty good for mapping with ESRI Field Maps once you set the datasets to NZTM2000 HAE so it writes the geometry correctly once passed through the Lefebure app to set mock location…

We also have a Leica GG04+ which can output the nmea in whatever coordinates you want including orthometric heights which makes it less jittery with Esri Field Maps since Android wants to poll the onboard gps and the mock location string. thanks google…

The Topcon solution works but is not live collaborative like Esri.


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