Meet the Emlid Flow app with the linework, coding, and more

I think it was a bad move, because EMLID listened and took note of the needs and requests of the users and the one that was repeated the most was working with lines, for surveying and setting out. and the answer was already well, it will soon arrive. They complied, of course they did, but it brings an associated cost.
Emlid fell into the clutches of commercialization. Pity.

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__________SOLVED for now_____________ADD DXF and you can stake those lines…
One of the only things I got excited about with this upgrade was the ability to Stake a Line… I pray that there will be an update before my free trial is done. Land surveyors really need the ability create a line from any two points they so choose, and navigate to any location on that line. Tomorrow I am headed out into the field to stake out a new subdivision. I will use my Emlid GPS units. If I were to only use #emlidflow I would have to walk 1800 feet into the woods shoot a point code it as a line, then walk all the way to the other side of the line shoot the second point and code it as a line, then walk all the way back up the line to mark it. If I don’t plan properly that would be 5400 feet total (more than a mile) It could be done in 3600 feet with different software. People love your product. I certainly do. I was so excited to head out tomorrow and complete this work with the upgraded software. Luckily I ran some tests with it today. We got 1.5’ of snow yesterday and the terrain here is Gnarly. I probably would not have been in the best mood if I set out tomorrow and realized all of the additional work using this software would cause. A line is defined by two points. It isn’t a special coded object in software. Well lets examine that last statement. Would I be able to import a DXF and then select one of those lines and stake it out? Maybe one quick solution would be to add the ability to edit any two points into a line…All of the parts and peices are in place for the software, we now just need to be able to select two points, create a line from those two points, and then navigate to it. A couple of copy and paste commands (inside the software), then a new dialog box or something(Inside the software)? If I knew how to program I would write the code…There in lies the problem :grinning:

Hey Aaron, you are absolutely right and we will address this issue. I can’t promise it in the next two weeks, but hopefully early next year. Could you please give a little more context on when you need to manually create a line from two points? Is it because your are importing a csv just with the points?

Meanwhile, you can import a DXF and stake lines from it. We actually expected this to be the main usage scenario.


Just to clarify, this is only possible with the paid subscription version right?

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Yes, lines and all functions related to them are supported only in the Survey Plan.

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Now monthly pricing is also $25

We have listened to your feedback and have adjusted the monthly pricing. Now Emlid Flow Survey is $25/mo on all platforms with monthly billing. Before, it was $45 when billed monthly and $25 when billed yearly. Now the pricing is more transparent and there is more flexibility to pay for just those months when you actually need it. The changes are already reflected in the app stores and on

I would also like to assure everyone that we will not be taking back any of the functionality that we have already released for free. This is the first time we are releasing a paid software product and we are very grateful for your feedback. Our goal is to make Emlid Flow an attractive software for our customers, while also ensuring that the investment in the development and support is sustainable for us as a business. Hence the subscription for the extra functionality.


Igor! with a little messing around I was able to edit the cvs under the code heading to create lines to import.

Importing the dxf now!!! THANKS!!! I should have known you guys were going to have this thing useable!

Thank you all for your hard work!!! Keep it up and let me know if you ever want a “beta tester”!!!



Igor, I think it might help a ton of people if there was a little workflow or docs item that shows ALL of the functionality. In the meantime I will try to create one and post it somewhere here! If I were in the field and calculated a point (Pythagoras or cogo) and entered the new point manually, I would want the option to create a line, lets say from existing point number 50 that is already known and stored, to the new point I manually enter lets say point 51. Also it would be reasonable to have a feature where you could create a line from two already known points lets say point 49 and point 50. These simple additions would add so much value to an already great product! I hope that clarifies. I will locate items in the field and it will not be until I am back in the office that I connect Property Lines based on points. When I export my point file I found I can change to code in the csv to include a _1, or _2 or _3 or _n. I guess what I am saying is it would be nice to be able to add the _1 to two points that are already in my project, while in the field or what ever. I typically do not add the dxf as this creates an additional step in my work flow. Adding the dxf is a lot quicker than manually editing the exported csv to include the _n to the code…(Trying to speak your language here :grinning:)


I don’t have a single problem with that price, considering the alternatives and the speed at which Emlid has developed hardware and software that has enabled my business to thrive, I see 0 issue. I do hate subscription based software, but at 300 per annum, thats like a dollar a day. One job should be able to cover the markup for nearly anybody on the earth doing this kind of work. If you can afford a $2k plus GPS, you can probably find a way to cover the software fee per year. Otherwise you are looking at something on ALIEXPRESS or Trimble which costs way more with worse support.


I think this a very good feature to have

So you are saying have it add a suffix when collect a staked point? Sorry this one has me a little dense.

Hi Emlid,
Thanks for the new price adjustment, it’s really a great help.

However, I would like again to suggest a per use price, like the software I came across. It was a per use payment and it had more features than Emlid’s apps.

Thank’s alot.



Will this new Flow data collection software be able to rotate. I have tried using RV3 in the past but it will only work in portrait, as a tablet user, it is critical for it to be used in both portrait and landscape.


I for one won’t be paying for a subscription model when there are far maturer products on the market. This goes against the wait and we will provide a service mantra those of us have made investments so far. As part of a group of surveyors online in the United States are idea and general like of these products wasn’t being locked into a subscription or pricey hardware. Lost a lot of business here and future recommendations from me and my team.

What software are you using now?

But that isn’t the case either. You are free to use whatever software you like, and from what I understand, this will never change.
So nobody is forcing you into a subscription model. You choose if you see a fit in the subscription-offerings from Emlid.


Hello, Right now you have to go into the csv and add a suffix then upload the file to get the program to show it as a line. It would be nice to be able to pick any points from your csv file inside the program and then change the code to a line…With design points uploaded to the program, there is no way to change two points (with the line suffix designator in the code column of the csv) once out in the field and inside the program. Not sure if this makes any sense.

Hello, I was in the field for the past two days putting the #emlidflow program through its paces. Here are my top wish list/please fix items:

  1. Please have the point number “Point Name” a unique key identifier (So you can not duplicate point numbers. Either a quick pop up that says “Point Name” is already in use, or have the “Point Name” box or text turn red to let you know that point number is already in use?

  2. When I select the point list here are the things that I can see: Objects, Code, Date, and time. The code is troublesome as I do not remember the code name off the top of my head. Date and time are not extremally useful. When I select the the Point List here is what would be most useful to see (ANYONE LOOKING AT THIS REPLY PLEASE LIKE TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT)

Point Number Point Description Point Easting Point Northing Point Elev

In that order. The two most important things I need in the field are point number and point description, if I need further information “clicking” into the point to determine that is reasonable. Also when I click into the point information it would be nice if it shows weather the point was collected with the base shift active or not.

  1. For point Codes Please place the option for no code at the top of the list instead of at the bottom of the list. Each time I used to code feature it was nice, however the next shot that I wanted no code I had to scroll to the bottom of the list.

  2. Selecting points or lines to stake out was a bit challenging. I take redundant shots on corners, and being able to select the point, or line that I wanted was challenging. Maybe allow to zoom in more to see each point? Also when I select the point as stated above in number 2, I want to see the Point Description more than anything. When I select a point to stake I then have to look at all of the point attributes, only to find out I needed a different point.

  3. Would it be possible to show the point number and description on the project map?

  4. From the main screen it would be nice to see the Pole Height, and be able to change that from the main map screen, before I select to record a point, stake a point, ect. This holds especially true for the line stake out command. I found myself having to select a point to change the height, then exit the point, and select the line.

  5. When I select a line it would be nice to be able to add or remove point numbers from that line.

  6. While staking out a line with multiple segments I would select the line and it would always default to the first segment in the line, I would then have to cycle through the number of segments to get to the line I was working on. Maybe have it default to the line segment the unit is closest to?

  7. This project I had to jump back and forth between local base (preferred as I have more constellations I am obtaining corrected signal for) and NTRIP (only GPS and GLO). each time I would have to go back into the base shift and either enable or disable. Not sure exactly what I am asking for here. Maybe a feature to shift the whole project to the NTRIP coordinates (Instead of only applying it to the base apply it to all of the points as well, maybe with a selectable box?), that way switching between local base and NTRIP (We have horrible cell coverage in my neck of the woods).

  8. I may think of more.

These improvements would save me a vast amount of time in the field, and we all know time is Money!



Hi Aaron,

Thank you a lot for such detailed feedback, this means tons to us! Our devs would love to ask you some questions about it if it’s okay. Would you mind sharing your email with me in PM so that we can get in touch?