Xbee radio recommendation for Navio 2

Can anyone recommend an xbee radio module for use with quadcopter and navio 2/RPI3?

The setup I wish to have is:

  • PPM RC input
  • video streaming + ssh over RPI3 wifi
  • telemetry over XBEE

Thank you.

Today is my first day on these forums, so I hope it’s not as dead as it appears to be, based on the number of replies here :).

If you haven’t moved on getting the XBee yet, I suggest you head over to DigiKey’s XBee Page and have a look at the upcoming (and past) product offerings. I have a pair of XBee transceivers that I bought for an Ardupilot about four years ago, but never used, and I’m going to be wiring them up later today. I will let you know how it goes. I do not recall which radios I bought back then, but I am sure they are not extended range types. In any case, I will keep you posted.

Just as an aside, I have spotted comments on the Ardupilot.org site that recommend using something other than XBee for telemetry, but without giving any reasons.

Thank you for your reply.

In the end I have decided to use Orange RX/TX: http://www.itluxembourg.lu/site/
see this post: Rx and Mavlink Telemetry in one?

I have also read somewhere abou Xbee not being well suited to this application. From what I remember the cited reason is Xbee latency.

I dont use xbee, but I have had excellent range and success with RFD900x radios…they are mavlink compatible so virtually plug and play