Rx and Mavlink Telemetry in one?

Most rx/tx go bidirectional these days. Some even send telemetry in proprietary formats, like frsky. The setup I’d love, though, is a single Rx module for radio and telemetry and on the ground, the laptop connected to the Tx. Via usb or serial or BT. I found a nice setup here http://www.itluxembourg.lu/site/ but the compononents are out of stock everywhere. Are there any alternatives?

I am interested in this too!

What are the options for telemetry on Navio 2 that would allow to get with a single TM/TC flight module the telemetry in both the RC and in the laptop (QGroundcontrol, APM Planner or mavproxy.py running on Linux)?

I would prefer to have a single module on the quadcopter. I could use the RPI3 wifi for mavlink but this is too short range.

Thank you.

It seems they have new stock:

With two of those I can get a bidirectional link quadcopter<->Turnigy RC and the module in the RC should (I think) also be able to connect to the PC via serial port for TM in qgroundcontrol.

If you need long range then this might work…


Not sure about throughput for stuff like RTK corrections???

Check out FPV specific sites and look for long rage offerings.

RFD900x is doing this for me , the range is phenomenal…

Good to know. I have played around with a wolfbox and ULRS, but I couldn’t get it to work. I need RTK data too. ULRS is very fussy about baud rates I have a feeling that GPS inject will not work. Als GPS inject needs RAW SIK radio transmits… I abandoned this route for now. I hope openLRS will support 56kbps Mavlink someday.

900MHz is illegal over here. :frowning:

they also sell 866 model for Europe.