Wrong time in the beginning of the log

I didn’t notice this thread before. I have exactly the same situation with my Reach RTK module. This appeared after the upgrade to 2.22.3, i.e. it was OK before. Recently I tried to test this receiver on 6/04/2020, but the session does not give good results. It was a static survey with the configuration: kinematic, GPS AR mode Fixed-and-hold, GLONASS AR mode On, GALILEO added, update rate 5Hz.
The reason is probably the lack of better time synchronization.

If these first zero epochs are taken to ‘average single’ then the approximate coordinates are inaccurate which probably gives such an effect.

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One more test was done on the same Reach RTK module, but in version 2.23.4. I changed the settings to enter the position ‘manual’. It is the same, i.e. the first epochs in the file are zero.

simple_report_202004090606.pdf (13.7 KB)


Hi Ryszard,

Thank you for the report!

We’re working on resolving the issue with the wrong time of first recorded epochs. We’ll fix this in the future releases.

Hi there,

Just wanted to say that this issue has been fixed in the new v2.22.4 firmware update.

Hi Polina,
I have just checked for 2.22.4 and everything is fine.
solution_202004200906.pos (21.3 KB)

Hi Ryszard,

Thanks for the confirmation! :slightly_smiling_face: