Wrong false fake fix Emlid m2

Brian, the long cables may be a source of the signal loss as well. But it seems like you strike a good balance here. That’s the main thing, generally too :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Yes, i think it can be a trouble for me. I will make foto of intrance maybe. If i unboxing m2, maybe it will be better. Now i have window for indicators 25x5mm.

  1. Are you have statistic how much m2 was lost user becouse it have hot temperature? What will be if temperature more then max during using m2?
  2. Can you give some recomendations? How are you work about this problem in reach rs2?

I am agree, i change mask elavation to 30 and all was good.
I am don’t know how i must use consideration of the quality. It was 19 or like this.

How are you control it? How many hour it work befor you test temperature? What max temperature was outside in that time?

Most of my static sessions are about 6 hours for both the M2’s. Last one I did was about a month ago when the overall temperature outside in the field was about 85° (30° C) . I was basically using them as a static baseline along with my JAVAD Victor LS. They got warm but never that hot to the touch. I keep the battery and receivers in a small hip bag.

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Here’s a couple of pics. You can buy the 5/8"x 11 adapter at most survey supply stores. The female end simply screws into the bipod or adapter on a tribrachs. I just bought a nut at a local hardware store for the male end which is inside the cap. The other hole is for the antenna cable out to the M2. I don’t keep anything in the PVC mount, it’s just for the helical antenna.

I’d like to make it bigger for the battery, M2 and LoRa; but I no longer use the helical antenna. The Harxon GPS 500 antenna simply has a 5/8"x11 female end for a survey bipod. I could mount the Harxon on top of the bigger PVC design and then have everything inside. However, I may have problems with overheating the M2 in the enclosure. The M2 and battery is in the hip bag hanging off the bipod.


Hey everybody,

Thanks for sharing your surveying designs with Reach M2! So many things to learn from you :slight_smile: But they may be a bit much for thread now, though :sweat_smile: Feel free to move to the Project share category to discuss it further!

I’ll conclude it with the answers to Nykodym.

All our receivers have a failsafe mechanism: they won’t be heating up to the point of totally burning. They will shut down to prevent it. So there are no M2s that were totally lost, as you call it. Still, as overheating is dependent on the specific hardware setup, it’s hard to draw any average numbers.

It’s all about experimenting with what you have and how you want it to be placed. The main thing for the unit is to provide it with air. There are various ways to do that, of course: special perforation on the body, additional heatsinks inside your setup, etc. You can check it: maybe the unit is working fine for you as it is now.

Reach RS2 is a different topic altogether. Different construction, different details, different heat dissipation mechanism. As the battery is placed inside, we had to come up with the sort-of-internal heatsink. So RS2 is totally cool as it is (no pun intended).


[quote=“polina.buriak, post:28, topic:27542”](no pun intended)

Riiiight :smiley:

However doing the cooling through brass thread adapter is indeed pretty awesome and works niiicely!


Looks freezing good! :joy:

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monoblock for m2, it will be one power button for on/off, and type c port for charge powerbank. You can charge powerbank and on power for m2 in one moment.






Allright :sweat_smile:
I was wondering how it could be so cold there now :crazy_face:

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Last year :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s about the best enclosure I’ve seen yet Nykodym !

What kind of antenna are you using ? I guess the battery is in the enclosure. What a neat design !!

Great design, Nykodym! :heart_eyes: I guess you’ll find a lot of users grateful if you can share it in more detail with us :slight_smile:

This is amazing! I wanted to do something like this myself. Did you remove the bottom of your antenna casing and replace it with your own or does it slide over it?

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The location of survey is here - click in top right conner and will see it on Google Street View
Or pull the bear with scroll of mouse.