Change in map resolution hides the rover point

For developers of reachview 3. If i change resolution of app, i always lost view of point of my rover on map. I am about circle with letter R, which show possition of rover. Change resolution i mean i make application on half of display phone.

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Hi Nykodym,

That’s interesting! As I understand it, the ® icon displaying the rover position goes missing after splitting the screen.

I see that the ® icon is indeed missed on the second screencast on the video you shared. However, on the last screencast, it displays well. The screen is split in both cases. Are there any specific conditions when you notice the ® icon disappearing?

If I run app and see the ® icon and then will splitting the screen I will lost ® icon.
Alsow after splitting the screen i see ® icon ans then change to full screan I also will lost ® icon.

Allways when change screan with ® icon.


Thanks for your comments. I think I got you!

Now we need to understand ​if this behavior is typical for a separate phone model or it persists on several devices. Could you clarify the model of your phone?

In the meantime, I’ll try to reproduce this workflow by myself. It’ll help us get more info on the request so I can pass it to the team for further discussion.

Xiaomi mi 8

Ok, got it.

So now it’s my turn :slight_smile:

I’ll do the tests with this workflow. Once I get the results, I’ll update this thread.

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Hi Nykodym,

I am getting back to you with the update: I’ve reproduced this behaviour on my phone.

In general, I think it happens as ReachView 3 wasn’t designed to work with non-standard screen resolution. So, at the moment, when you change it, the app can’t adapt itself.

I’ll pass your request to the team. Thank you!

No. In any resolution it work well, but when you make Stake out point and then change resolution you will have this bag.

Hi Nykodym,

Yeah, I see that it occurs when you stake out points only.

However, it’s not a bug. It happens as the mobile app just wasn’t designed to work when the screen is split. But I’ve noted your request so we’ll think about what we can do with it.

Hi Nykodym,

Just want to ask: why do you need to work with a split screen? Is it for a specific setup?

I’ve passed your request to the team. And it’ll be great to know a bit more about your workflow. It’ll help us take a clear look at it.

becouse i whant to make video like this

It is not big problem for me, it is better for me when wil be audio speak when i recieve fix or float.
Also stake out of line between 2 point it will be better function for me.

Hi Nykodym,

Thanks for clarifying! I’ve passed your request to our devs, so they are working on it.

We have sound notifications on achieving and losing Fix. You can enable them using the Sounds tab in Settings in ReachView 3 app. Is that what you need?

Oh, yes, support of COGO features is on our roadmap. But at the moment, I can hardly share the exact dates for their implementation.

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Hi Nykodym,

I have some news for you :slight_smile:

We’ve changed the ReachView 3 behavior in staking out with a split-screen. Feel free to try the latest app update and share your feedback.

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