Wrong date and time when logging

Hi, i have been dealing with this issue with the m2 module and the reach rs2, when logging the file shows sometimes the wrong date, and sometimes the wrong time, sometimes it shows the wrong start time and the correct end time. I was looking in the forum and I found this Wrong date for data logging it is from 2021, and supposedly it was fix in an old update, but i have the latest firmware and I’m having this issue too

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reporting!

Do I understand correctly that you see the wrong date and time in the interface of the Logging tab? Is the time recorded in the logs correct?

Please also confirm that you work with the receiver on Reach Firmware 31.3.

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Hi, just checked and i’m on firmware 31.2, and yes, the date and time inside the rinex file are correct, but in the logging interface it shows the wrong start time

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the details!

It’s an issue with the date and time in the interface of the Logging tab. The devs are currently working on this. I’ll inform you once it’s fixed.

Hi Daniel,

We have just released Reach Firmware 31.6 which should fix this issue. Please update your device and let me know how it works for you now.


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for my m2 this problem appeared after updatng to 31.7. now how to solve this?

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Hi Nadir,

Please send us the Full system report from the device to support@emlid.com. We’ll look into it.

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