WMS Layers in Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360

Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce the latest update to Emlid Flow, which now supports Web Map Services (WMS) layers. This means you can easily add different map backgrounds to your projects, giving you more visual control and context of your survey area.

Manage layers with Emlid Flow 360
To manage layers, simply open My map layers, add the WMS server address, and choose the required layers. Once that’s done, open your project, click Map layers, and add your layers. Once you’ve added your layers, you can change the visibility and opacity of each map layer to suit your needs.

Adjust layers with Emlid Flow
If you’re out in the field, you can also change the visibility and opacity of the layers directly in the Emlid Flow app. This won’t affect the cloud settings.

If you want to get more information about working with layers, check out our guide.

To access WMS layers and other professional survey tools, upgrade to the Survey plan. Get a free 30-day trial at flow360.emlid.com.


This is a great feature! Thanks for including it in Emlid Flow!

I loaded a few of the WMS servers/layers I commonly use and discovered that Emlid Flow doesn’t seem to utilize the transparency when the layer is encoded as a PNG. The layer background is white and blocks the base-map, where it should be transparent.

Would it be possible to rectify this? Some of the WMS layers I use are PNG images containing lines. It’s helpful to have these overlaid on other layers, or the satellite base-map. I have tried the opacity feature, although this is a temporary workaround, but even at 10% it makes both base-map and WMS layers difficult to discern.



Dave, hi. I know you’ve also contacted our support with detailed examples of the problem. Thanks to that, we’ve already looked through it and will roll out a fix soon.

The root of the problem is that services and servers act slightly differently and it takes some trial and error to get things right across the world. Hopefully, after a couple of iterations, we’ll be there.

Reports like this help us move fast and improve the service for everyone :pray: