Wishlist for ReachView 3.0

You may have to lug around an inverter. : /


Base is visible in survey mode. Would be really nice to actually autosave base within each project, with its values as a point along with the others.


I think it a must have :emlid:


Its a nobrainer but i know the team is overloaded. Not sure what they work on but the rumor is something called RS2… not sure what that is… :sweat_smile:



Oh wow. I am glad I don’t have that for my drone. All it would take is one jerk with big hands…

I also think that this is important. Also, when exporting the data to a software like AutoCAD, each description should create a new layer (that’s possible in Field Genius, for instance).

For instance, when I’m making a surveying job, I need to collect a bunch of different points: I need to survey the street, the buildings, the plot of land, etc. For each kind of point, I should be able to set a different description (could be just 2-3 letters, by the way). And then, when exporting to AutoCAD, I should be able to hide or show the points that I want, since each group of points would be in a different layer.


YES! Imagine a retangular area that you need to divide exactly half/half. You collect the four cornes, and then directly on the Reach View APP you should be able to stake out the middle of the lines (or any other given point), without any other software or app

And of course, UTM please.


That would be really appreciated.

I have been very pleased with this:

It can take coordinates from RS+ using bluetooth.

Not a centimeter grade but works for me at land / river bank surveying.

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Hi. At the risk of repeating myself from several years ago I am gonna add to the wish list.

  1. Add the ability to add a custom map layer.
    It could be a
  • mapbox access code with style url or
  • a tile server url

QGIS is a great place to render custom drone imagery or vector lines etc. to MBTiles These can be served using

If there was the option to add our own tileserver url it would be great.For me it would be okay if it only worked online.

Just my two bits.


Thank you all again for creativity and productivity in generating this wishlist :smile:
All of these suggestions are noted.


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