Wiring Reach M2 with Cube Pilot Orange Cube

Hello together,

i´m trying since days to get an signal from the reach M2 into my Arducopter Orange cube into my second GPS2 port.
All setting from the emlid doc site right done, but no signal.

Now my question: Who has succesfull maked this? What is the right wiring between Reach M2 and Orange Cube module?
GPS2 port on orange cube
must go RX (orange cube) to TX (reach m2)?
must go TX (orange cube) to RX (reach m2)?
and ground to ground
blue marked wires not necessary?

Wiring scheme reach m2
blue marked wires not necessary?

Additionally if someone has it woks, can tell all the needed params for the mission planner?

That is the actual status:
Thanks a lot!

Hi Fred,

You’re correct, Reach M2 should be connected to the GPS2 port on Orange Cube. According to this Pixhawk Cube’s port pinout, you connect everything correctly.

May I ask you to specify what the conditions are of your test? Is it possible to see satellites while connecting to Reach M2 in the ReachView tab? Could you please share the photos of your setup?

I’d also ask you to test your setup without injecting base corrections. This will help us test if the issue is in the corrections link or in the setiup.

Please, set the following parameters in Mission Planner and connect the receiver without corrections from the base:

  • SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 20 (NMEA Output)
  • SERIALL4_BAUD = 38 (the baud rate set up in RV)
  • GPS_TYPE2 = 5 (NMEA)

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