Wifi password reset and 'connection timed out'

Hi all,
my office is on lockdown so can’t get access to all our documentation, a colleague is wanting to use her phone for the first time but we don’t have the wifi password, is there a way of resetting the wifi password or seeing what it is? Is there a default password as it may be that?

Meanwhile… I’ve set up the BASE station and connected to it on my phone, but when I open the app and select the BASE station it says ‘connection timed out’. I have turned phone and BASE on and off multiple times, same issue.

Any ideas?

emlidreach password

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Thanks, will get her to try that one

Reinstalled reachview app. Still ‘connection timed out’

Now just getting a black screen if try and connect to base

If I swipe back twice I get ‘sorry, reachview is not responding. Reload’
Nothing happens if I press reload.
If I swipe back twice again iI get back to the reach unit select screen.

Are there any technical support people available?


What Reach device you use? Is it in hotspot mode now?

Yes, is set up. All lights on. Can connect to reach base wifi, but can’t connect to it in app

Could you try connecting to the app via web browser at

If it doesn’t work, please try

How do I do that please?

You can go to a web browser on you mobile device and enter the IP address It should bring you to ReachView.

Neither will open

May I ask what mobile device you use? Do you have opportunity to try a different one?

Samsung galaxy a20e

It’s my only phone

Sorry, double checked, is RS+ not RS2

The base unit is Reach RS+

Could really do with a solution. Have site to survey :frowning:

At this point, I’d suggest using another device to check if it connects. You can try a PC or Mac for that.

Also, you can try hard-resetting the device by holding a power button for 15 seconds (when the device is turned on).

Pressed power button for 15, lights went off after 3 then flashed at 15. Then off.
Turn back on.
Lights all on.
Connect to the wifi.
Turn on app, base showing, try to connect.
Nothing. Black screen.

I dont have anything else to try and connect with