Wifi network search delay

I have a reach on my quadcopter that is supposed to connect to the onboard router wifi. My problem is that the router takes too long to bring up the wifi network so the reach RTK doesn’t find it and goes in access point mode.

Is there a way to force reach RTK in client mode only or to introduce a delay in the network search of reach RTK to give the router time to start?

It is a standard reach RTK (from first batches) with latest dev firmware installed.

Hi @corrado.steri,

There is no ready-available workaround to disable hotspot mode. We do not allow client only mode as it is very risky.

The only thing I can suggest you is using a different router that uploads faster than Reach.

Isn’t there a way to introduce at least a delay? I guess 20 seconds wait somewhere would be fine.

If there is a file to edit would be great.

A faster router isn’t a solution.

A software solution might have to be redone with each upgrade, so maybe a hardware solution would be better.

What about using an RC* circuit and a mosfet transistor as a really cheap delay?

*RC meaning Resistor Capacitor

For example, this page has some info:

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