Increase time to search for wifi

Hi emlid community,

I’m actually working with an emlid reach m2 gnss system and my problem is that the router takes too long to bring up the wifi network so the reach can’t find it and changes to the access point mode.

Since there was no possibility to increase the delay in 2019 (see Wifi network search delay and Reach WiFi Connection Timeout) I would like to ask if there is a programmable solution or workflow available yet?

Thank you for your answers.

What router are you using? Sounds like the simple solution is to start your router a minute or so before you start your M2. This way the network is established and the M2 can connect to it.

I do this when using my phone’s hotspot. I start the hotspot and wait for it to establish before starting my M2/RS2

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Since the system is assembled on a robot the router and the gnss system will be started at the same time so the best solution would be to let the gnss system search a little bit longer for the network.
Actually i run a script at the host which reboots the gnss system via ssh but it takes time until the gnss system is available again.

What else is the router feeding?

Put a one minute timer delay to the router power sequence. I do not see enough demand for this to be a viable improvement request.

Hi Philipp,

Thanks for the request! Currently, it’s indeed not possible to delay the turning off of the Wi-Fi networks search on Reach. We’ll consider it but we can’t promise any fast realisation.

Currently, the only way to ensure that the Reach connects to your Wi-Fi network is to start it after the start-up of the router. Also, I believe @jp-drain-sol suggestion of putting a delay on the router can also be a solution here.

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