What transmitter do you recommend?

What transmitter would you guys recommend? I currently have a Devo 7 for the quad a built using a Naze32 for the controller but I’d have to get a converter to use it with the Navio.

I know the instructions say to use FrSky recievers but I’m not sure how to use those. Does that mean I need a FrSky controller and transmitter?

I kind of would like a standard controller without many bells and whistles, just a way to access the channels.

Basically I know nothing and would like some thoughts to start doing more research on.


Hi Nathan,

If you don’t want to buy FrSky receiver you can modify your Devo 7:

  1. Remove original radio module and replace it with the one from FrSky (I’ve seen instructions somewhere):
  2. Buy FrSky ACCST receiver with PPM output:
    D4R-II, V8R7-SP or D8R-XP

Wow, thanks so much! I think this is what I was looking for, I thought I could do something like that but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

I’m come to the conclusion that I want a good transmitter/controller/receiver that will work and has lots of channels.

Are there any combo packs you guys know of that will work and are in the $250 range? I’m looking at frsky but I’m still trying to figure out what models or packages I need. I’m open to any good brands that work with the navio though.

sorry, I forgot the link but I don’t think what I linked would have worked.

Or do I only buy the handset and transmitter and then buy this:

Ok, this is what I’m thinking of buying, please let me know if this is correct.

Radio and transmitter:


I am using those 2, remember you need to update the firmware on the receiver if you want to use all 8 channels on CPPM.

@Nathan_Belk Taranis is a good choice.

I use 9xr’s they have worked well so far.

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