Issues connecting X8R and Navio2

I bought the following transmitter and receiver ( ). The receiver is x8r.

But currently i am having issues connecting to Navio2. Could you please let me know what are the configurations (hardware & software) you did both on transmitter, receiver and Navio2 side?

Kind regards.

Have a look there:


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Hi @Fisek,

Was @mlebret advice helpful?
If you’ll still have problems, feel free to ask more questions in this thread.



Thanks for your reply. I have actually tried configuring the remote controller in mode 4 but still could not manage to drive the motors.

Are you already using the same setup?



Sorry, but I use Futaba sBus system (mode2),

Check your Endpoint setting, 1000-2000 range is top but 1050-1950 is also fine.


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