What plan to choose in Emlid Flow: Survey or Standard

Hey guys! Recently, we released the Emlid Flow app which is a new step for our mobile app previously known as ReachView 3, and it’s full of highly requested features!

While all the existing features stay the same as in ReachView 3 for free, the Emlid Flow offers a Survey subscription plan with new pro features. And here is a logical question: should I upgrade or not? Below is an overview of both feature sets:

Survey plan

We’ll begin with the subscription to the Survey plan that allows you to use advanced features for surveying:

  • Apply survey codes;
  • Collect and stake out lines, including staking out with a chainage and offset;
  • Switch between standard and satellite maps.

These features come in handy in road construction, topographic, cadastral, boundaries, as-built, and many other surveys. You can find more detailed info in the Emlid Flow docs.

As always, more features are on the way. With the Survey subscription plan, you won’t miss them—it will include all the upcoming releases without any additional charges.

Standard plan

The Standard plan includes all the features previously available in the ReachView 3 app and is free of charge. This plan will be enough for the surveys when you need to collect points only, for example, if you’re placing GCPs. It’ll also work well for integrations with 3rd-party devices such as tractors, GPRs, and sonars, which require streaming position from Reach only.

To make a considered decision, it’s a good practice to try first. That’s why we provide a 30-day free trial for you. Test all the new features and evaluate the benefits they give you to decide for yourself.

You can also share your project goals in the comments, and we will help you choose the right option for your exact case. Have you already happened to try the Survey plan? Can’t wait to hear your feedback in the comments!

P.S. Here is our previous post on choosing between PPK and RTK drone mapping. Take a look, if you missed it.


Bittersweet taste of Emlid’s decision. On the one hand, it is logical that this company wants to profit from its software developments, it is perfectly legitimate.

That said, I think the entry price they have set for subscriptions is rather expensive, unlocking only three actions, one of them something as simple as the display of a ground image that is not their own.

I have seen that you have suggested several paid applications. Value for money “TCP GPS” (https://www.aplitop.com/software/tcp-gps) (https://atyges.es/tienda/tcp-gps-software-para-gps/) available for android and windows is one of the best applications I have seen. It has two versions, basic which is quite complete for 500 € permanent license and advanced which allows you to edit tracks and perform more types of calculations directly in the field for about 1,000 €. Given these prices, that’s why I’m saying that the three items that Emlid unlocks with the subscription seem expensive to me.

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The good thing about emlid was that it was free. If now it is paid, it is not worth that much compared to other brands.

Hi @soluzioniingegnerist,

Just want to clarify that all the features that were free remain free and we won’t change this.


Nothing has changed. All free features are still free.


I signed up for the free trial and opted for the monthly payment when free trial ends - I would like to switch that to annual subscription. Is this possible? My free trial is still running.

Hi Alexander

Can you email us at support@emlid.com with the email you used for your subscription? I’ll check what we can do.