What packages and images for Navio+

Which files should I be using for Navio+?
I must say the documentation has become quite confusing … :frowning:

OK, I’ve scouring the forum and here is the answer …


Hi Gary,
If this is for a copter, I would suggest using arducopter 3.3.3 (stable) and the new raspberry pi image. I am currently getting the best results with this combo. Here are the links. ArduCopter 3.3.3 is on the second page fyi…


Use the instructions on this page https://docs.emlid.com/navio/Navio-APM/building-from-sources/ (specifically the “make-based”) to build 3.3.3 and cross compile.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Aquila,
I am/was using the latest Raspberry image so that’s one less doubt.
I am happy enough to build my own binaries and will follow your links. Do you know what the difference is between 3.3.3 and the latest official package in apm.deb?

The difference boils down to a fact that we’ve been packaging 3.3.0 and you compiled the 3.3.3. It’s a stable branch, so there’s no difference feature-wise. But either way we’re rolling out a newer package soon. Is there anything that bothers you in 3.3.0 you need to switch to 3.3.3?

Hi George,

I have described the problems on a different thread(s).
On my Navio+ I have Compass and Mag errors with the default packaged version which I assume is 3.3.0.
Upgrading to the beta version (3.4.0) removed the compass errors but has introduced a voltage board error. The beta version also does not have joystick support enabled

Joystick support is to be investigated. There’s no way to measure board voltage on Navio+ and quite frankly there never had been any. So I guess you just need to disable this Pre-arm check in a GCS of choice as it had been done implicitly at some time by you. You just need to repeat this procedure and you’re good to go.

I appreciate that there has never been an option to measure board voltage but I thought that there was a workaround as per Igor’s response to this post way back.

It may be that I simply did disable it previously. Either way it is not a serious issue. I am more concerned about the Mag and Compass problems. Thanks for the efforts.

What about apm-navio-beta package? If I understand correctly, the only problem hanging around is the joystick support which is a bit surprising.

It was the apm-navio-beta package that I was using to prove to myself that there were MAG and Compass errors on the 3.3.0 release. Taking into account that I can bypass the voltage check as you point out, then it seems that the only issue with 3.4rc1 is Joystick support.

BUT I better explain that I have raised this based on what QGroundcontrol on Android reports. When it connects to the Navio+ for the first time it reports that the firmware is not compiled with Joystick support. I don’t know how to check this another way.

By the way I just reinstalled the default apm.deb package and the Pre-arm MAG report is back. So I am very confident that it is a software issue as it does not occur with the apm-navio-beta package.

Is there anything else that I can do to assist?

Can you test joystick support on a PC or a Mac? I don’t really see why joystick support could disappear in Ardupilot build. It seems like a GCS issue, doesn’t it?

I’ll dig out my joystick and let you know.

George, I can confirm that the joystick does in fact work in 3.4 RC1 (apm-navio-beta). Sorry for the goose chase.

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Thank you for letting us know and checking it once more :slight_smile: