NAVIO(First Batch): PreArm: Check Board Voltage

Hi All,
i want to arm the motors but i have the following warning in Mission Planner:
"PreArm: Check Board Voltage"
i have two BEC (respectively for the 5VRPI and BEC port with 5V 2A output)
the battery is good (actually with 11.5V) and the BEC too
in the battery monitor menu i have 0V in the battery voltage
i disabled the monitoring but it s the same thing i have the same warning

how can i bypass the warning to arm the motors???


The reason is that Navio does not know it’s voltage. You can skip this check as shown here:
Pick “Skip Voltage”

We will disable this check permanently in the next release.

Thanks Igor for the quick reply !!
I can arm the motors, i must finish my setup now
Thanks for all