What modem for ReachRS Ntrip base

Hello everyone! I’m wondering if there are people out there using ReachRS (or reach) as base in a NTRIP RTK setup…
what do you use to connect the base to the internet?
Until now we mostly do this for smaller jobs and just use a tablet/phone with he base.
But it would be nicer just to use a LTE/3g/4g modem…

Looking forward to hear about your setup!

And for weather proofing, i just put it into a waterproof bag and stuff in under some cover to hide it.

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yeah sounds like a good plan
mini wifi router = no hazzle with cables and network interfaces

I’ve recently added some fixes regarding DNS lookups with a USB modem connected. I think you are more than qualified to try one of these. Shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What I did was pre-configure them connected to a Linux laptop, them plug them into Reach and that usually does the trick.

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yeah, i think the connection should be easy enough.
however, having a mifi router has the appeal of not having cables, so probably will go with this.
and wait for next gen ReachRS with SIM slot :wink:

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