What lens with A6000 using M+ or M2 for PPK flights?

Is anyone using the A6000 with the M+ or M2 ? If so what lens are you using with it? I am getting a gimbal for my M200 to carry the A6000. Other than a shorter flight time, this should be a pretty sweet setup for PPK flights. Thanks for any insight.

Hi Tim,

In this mapping project, for instance, A6000 was used with a 20mm lens. Also, I’d recommend checking this thread, may be it will get you more insights:

Thanks Dmitriy! I know use of the A6000 for PPK mapping goes back several years. But it seems to me that if it still works well then it is still a viable option. I really want to test PPK with the A6000 on my M200 and then if results seem really good, I can look at purchasing a very lightweight stripped down version of that camera for longer flight time. I had never recalled reading that post and it was very informative!! I will be searching the A6000 on this forum to learn all I can on this particular setup.

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