Web interface beta—try a new solution to prepare projects and access ReachView 3 data in your browser

Today we are sharing our new web solution that allows you to create survey projects and access your ReachView 3 data in your browser. This is an early beta release, so we recommend using it for testing, not for real work projects. Try its key features and share your feedback with us.

Access your data wherever you are

The web interface is synchronized with ReachView 3 and provides access to your survey projects from any computer—just open cloud.emlid.com in a browser and log in. No need to use file-sharing apps to export/import data from ReachView 3. Your data is stored securely on servers located in the EU.

Prepare your projects easily

The web solution also features a handy tool for project creation. Now you can use your desktop or laptop to prepare a new survey project. The workflow is the same as in ReachView 3—you may select a coordinate system from the registry or create a custom one.

Simplify your workflow

You can save your time and effort preparing your projects on the desktop before heading to the site. You will also enjoy access to survey data from any of your devices, since you don’t need to keep track of what is where. All data is synchronized immediately.

Known issues

This is an early beta, so we do not recommend using it for real work projects. There are a few issues that we are addressing at the moment, though we should warn you about this.

  1. The list of coordinate systems available in the web interface is shorter than in the app. We’ll be adding ETRS89- and WGS84-based systems to the web version in the coming weeks. Anything created in ReachView 3 will still sync and work without problems.
  2. Using the Safari browser, including iOS Safari, may be less robust. We are also working on that.

How to start

To check the web interface, go to cloud.emlid.com and sign in with your Emlid account used in ReachView 3. The intuitive interface helps you navigate easily and get to your job right away.

As usual, we will be happy if you try our new web solution, and we look forward to your feedback!


This is just too much to handle @olga.utiugova, could you guys please stop being so awesome ? :laughing:

After my quick test on Brave browser, here are comments / questions :

  • When reloading the main page, it always redirect to the login page
  • Exports and imports worked smoothly
  • Can we expect a French / multi-languages version ?
  • Are there ToS yet for this cloud service ?
  • Background map has some blurry elements on high zooms, as you can see below

:grinning: Thank you for the kind words! I’ll pass your feedback to our dev team.


Hi Florian, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

It should work fine in Chrome now and we will fix it for other browsers really soon.

  • Can we expect a French / multi-languages version ?

While the web interface is in beta we are focusing on features and functionality. The languages support will be added later.

  • Are there ToS yet for this cloud service ?

Terms of service are described here.

  • Background map has some blurry elements on high zooms, as you can see below

That’s odd. We’ll dig into that, thanks for noticing!


I’ve already got my team involved. This was a big step to deploying devices to the construction supervisors. With as many moving parts as we have we needed to have one or two people responsible for not only setup of projects but dissemination of information collected in the field. This is an amazing start. You so sneaky…

:athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:


Could a Windows shortcut be added as the EMLID community?

Can you detail a little more? Full Windows or Windows mobile. Shortcut to what, the cloud interface? Where exactly would you like the shortcut?

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Windows PC Michael !

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish but if I half-guessed why not just make a new toolbar (folder) on the taskbar with all your Emlid stuff in it? An internet shortcut on the desktop doesn’t work? I’m so interested because if I don’t understand you may be talking about something i’ve never thought of. :slight_smile:


Sin título
It’s prettier with the EMLID symbol
Sin título2

Just copy the ICO from wherever the other shortcut is getting it.


Enter the domain name like

https://superuser.com/(must end with ‘/’)
Add favicon.ico to the end

Press enter (this should be in the URL: https://superuser.com/favicon.ico)

Right click on the image and click “save image as”


You could have the option to present the works in a list as in the RV3 APP, without the map preview.

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Will it be easier to navigate?

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Maybe :sweat_smile:

DroneDeploy style.


I wish we could emoji fire on here because that’s what that was.


I guess this is as good a time as any… I think we should have a DroneDeploy megathread because I know there are several of us and I pull over people all the time in both directions. It would be cool to hang with some people that have so much in common with both these solutions. Of all the technology companies that I work with on a daily basis Emlid and DroneDeploy are the closest to how I would operate a business. The drone manufacturers sure could learn a lesson from these two. We are on our 3rd manufacturer because Engineering just doesn’t get what we do and it is astoundingly obvious they do not test gear the way we use it so they just need to clue in and actually have people that can tweak code. I will shout out to Autel though because once I got them to understand some of the things that were happening they have been steadily piecemealing me some of those tweaks. Gotta stay on them though.

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Hello @michaelL ,
Are you working with Autel drones?
What do you have to say about them?

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The drone is great but does have a few bugs to work out. As with any “Enterprise” support it’s like the government and patience is a virtue but they are trying. Even if it does take them a week to answer an email. We dropped Yuneec because their support was non-existent. People obviously making claims that they couldn’t backup. The Advanced Technology Labs group dissolved quickly and are trying to save face under the Airwise brand. Obviously Yuneec is incapable of choosing the right people to fortify a US presence. DJI is the same unless you pay their premium.