Coordinates system in Reachview Cloud

Any way to choose a different vertical coordinate system in cloud?
When I create a project with ITRF08 11 Mexico I have only elipsoidal heigh as an option, but I can open projects already created on IOS or Android app using this combination.
Thanks in advance

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I think this is related to this

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Hi Guillermo,

Florian is right. Cloud is in beta, so for now we have a shorter coordinate systems registry. We’ll add more geoid options in some time.

As a workaround, you can create a project in ReachView 3 and then open it in Cloud.

I found this out the hard way. I used the RS2+ as my base and the RS2 for my rover for setting check points for my drone flights. I’ve been creating projects using the app and everything was working out fine so I decided to give the cloud a try, syncing between device is great but when I created the project in the cloud interface then used a point I imported in the cloud interface out in the field to set my base…everything was good, until I got back and processed my images. My x was off by 6+ ft and y off by 20+ ft, elevation was good. This happened on both flights where I created the project in the cloud. Flew another flight this morning using the project created in the app and everything was fine.
Not sure what went wrong there don’t think I’ll be using the cloud version to create project though, at least without testing it first…guess it’s my own fault.
Can’t wait til it out of beta.
I’m not sure what I did wrong

Hi Joe,

Sorry that I’m getting back to you just now.

What is the coordinate system you worked with? Was it the same when you created a project in the Web interface and ReachView 3?

Hi Julia,
I think it’s something I did wrong when I created the project in the web interface. I think I used Global instead of local…wasn’t paying close enough attention to what I was doing I guess.
I do like the fact that I can sync projects that part is great. Just need to be more careful when I create them in the web interface as I was use to the app on my ipad.

Hi Joe,

Oh, yes, I see. Glad to hear that you like the sync feature.

If any new questions come up, or you notice a mismatch, go straight to us. You can create a new thread or write to We’ll check everything and find the roots of it!

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