Version 9.9 Emlid Flow bugs

In the latest version 9.9, Android does not show the azimuth, nor the coordinates. On IOS it does not show the unit of measurement. See screenshots.

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No Azimuth here either, but does show unit of measurement. NO COORDINATES EITHER.

App STILL QUITS when using back button etc using Android also:

Android 14.
Samsung S23 Ultra.

Emlid may want to get on the ball here.

Press the north up button on lower right corner

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Tried that… Follow button turned blue as usual… no difference.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the reports! We’ve passed all the details to our devs and are working on a solution.

The azimuth calculation is currently available only in the iOS version of Emlid Flow. But we’re working on adding it to the Android version too.

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Hello, what is the reason for more bugs appearing with each new released version? I can’t comprehend… Emlid is fortunate to have customers interested in improving the product, testing the app often at their own expense because when installing new versions, it’s uncertain whether surveying can be successfully carried out. I believe that before launching a new version, Emlid engineers should conduct a thorough battery of tests to ensure everything is functioning properly. For instance, I have proposed improvements to the app several times, which would undoubtedly be very useful for everyone, but so far, I’ve only received promises that they will be implemented. I install the new versions thinking these improvements have been implemented, only to find out they haven’t, with the added issue of introducing bugs.

I’d like to reiterate a set of functionalities that are deemed important to be implemented to enhance your product:

1- Add the age of corrections next to the satellite count information at the top of the screen to be always visible when marking or surveying points. It is not practical to have to open the Status tab. It is a straightforward implementation and will be very important for the user.

2-Reduce the time to switch from FIX to Single to 10 seconds when there is a loss of corrections, not 60 seconds as it currently is.

3-Allow users to set the age limit for corrections to maintain Fix when surveying or marking points. For example, users could define that it’s only possible to collect points with corrections aged up to 3 seconds. If the correction age is 4 seconds or more, it would not be possible to survey or mark the point.



Thank you for considering our suggestions.

I don’t see the reason to publish a new update of Emlid Flow for Android with the direction option to stake out points, if it doesn’t show the azimuth.

Hi Sara,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience these issues could cause. The Emlid Flow app stability is crucial for us, and we conduct thorough tests before each Emlid Flow release. In case we find out about any issues after the release is available for our users, we do our best to fix them as soon as we can.

We’ve released some fixes for the Android version, including the fix for the ‘back button’. They’re available in the latest app version now. To ensure you receive it, please update the app manually.

Reducing the AoD limit on Reach RX to 10 seconds is planned, but I can’t provide any ETA for now. Still, this update is being prepared from the receiver’s side, so the Emlid Flow updates won’t affect it.

As for other requests, we’ve passed them on to the team, and we’ll consider them in the future. But they are currently not on our roadmap.


V9.9 Android update seems to have fixed the BACK BUTTON when used with STATUS. THANK YOU!

Is the default nature for the app to work as follows?

Also app quits when using BACK button after selecting any main tabs at bottom. I.e. Receivers, Survey, Profile.

No coordinates display lower right either… I guess iOS only feature like the Azimuth display also?

Android 14
Samsung S23 Ultra

31.8 firmware
V9.9 app

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hello @kseniia.suzdaltseva

I am having difficulty understanding why you mentioned that the other suggestions are not on your roadmap, as your colleague Ruth B. sent me the following email:

“We understand how the age of correction displayed at the top of the screen, and setting the collection rule would be important to your workflow. As Kirill mentioned, these features are already on our roadmap, but we don’t have an ETA at the moment that I can share.”

Now I’m unsure whom to believe. Are these features on your roadmap or not? I look forward to your response.

Thank you.



There are a LOT of requests on the roadmap over the years.

You really should be looking at third party software that has been around for years and established. They have EVERYTHING needed already.

I.e. Microsurvey FieldGenius (Windows is full featured, Android is still WIP), Carlson SurvPC/CE, Carlson Layout (Android). There are many chinese and other apps also. SurvX, Tersus, SurveyMaster, etc. Seems MANY are using SurPad (SurvX) and is becoming very famous. Has everything on one screen that you are asking for. You may already be familiar with it and wanting Emlid to emulate it?

Otherwise you may find yourself waiting a very long time.

Honestly, i think Emlid should concentrate on their hardware and the essentials for the software side as what got them where they are today. The paid subscription does really need a lot more essential features though at the very least… sooner than later obviously. Otherwise, use 3rd party solutions.

Or go the VERY expensive Leica or Trimble route.


Hi @timd1971 , Thank you for your suggestions regarding third-party software, but I need to focus exclusively on Emlid products, as they are the commercial partner I have chosen due to their significant potential. As customers, we must be demanding and propose new features to enhance the products, ensuring that everyone ultimately benefits. In direct response to your question, the functionalities I have been suggesting are not ones I have seen in any other software. I have never used another software, and these ideas have arisen from the needs I have encountered while using Emlid’s software. I was not aware that similar features might already exist in third-party software. However, if they do, it demonstrates that these functionalities make sense and should be developed in Emlid’s software. That’s why I will continue to insist on their implementation, as I believe they are crucial for creating an improved product. Regards.

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Hi Sara,

We’ve discussed it with Ruth. We have plans for reducing the age of correction on Reach RX but not for displaying the value on the screen. Still, we understand how it’d be helpful in your workflow from all the details you’ve provided, and we’ve shared this request with the team. We are considering the addition of the collect rules as well, but they are not on the roadmap now. Sorry for the confusion caused!

Three new bugs (android, flow 9.9)

  1. if you are staking a point and then switch to another app (for example if you need to take a picture of a ground feature with the camera), the app will no longer allow to click the arrow at the top-left corner to select a different point.

The only workaround available is killing the app, connecting to the RS3 again via wifi, select the project, find the point you were looking for and select it again. Not ideal.

  1. Listing available receivers in the “reveivers” tab at the bottom of the screen takes ages (in some cases android will even show an application unresponsive kill/wait message).

  2. Points disappear on the screen. This was already present in 9.7. You can still select the point if you click on the place it should be, but no visual representation is available.

Seriously, not to sound harsh but you need to reconsider the way you are releasing new versions of the software. New features are welcome and it is good you listen to your customers, still breaking existing features makes our life much harder. Remember we use your products in front of our customers. Our schedules are being hit by these issues.

To make it worse, some of these bugs can be easily found after a few minutes on the field.

Thanks for your work, but please, test every release harder.


Hi Fernando,

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve passed it on to the team.

I’ve shared your reports with our devs, we’re working on a solution. There’s also a potential fix in the Emlid Flow 9.10 for the issue with disappearing points. Can you please check if it helps?

The 9.10 android update does not show the cut.

What is the reason for deleting it?



Thank you for reporting! I could reproduce it and passed the report to our developers. We’ll do our best to fix it in the shortest time.

For now, you can also check the Cut in the new Stakeout interface. It can be opened by tapping this blue button:



The app version with a fix is available in the store. Can you please check if the Cut is shown correctly now for you?


@kseniia.suzdaltseva ,

Solution. Thank you


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