Emlid flow v9.8 comes with a bug

Reach RX β†’ Firmware 1.4
Emlid flow 9.8

I would like to inform you that, similar to what happened with version 9.7, when we are on the Status tab and try to go back using the mobile button, it exits the application. Please address this issue.

I take the opportunity to make the following improvement suggestions for the Emlid Flow app, specifically for those who work solely with RTK corrections through an NTRIP internet server, as is my case, where internet connectivity is crucial.

1 - Add the age of corrections next to the satellite count information at the top of the screen to be always visible when marking or surveying points. It is not practical to have to open the Status tab. It is a straightforward implementation and will be very important for the user.

2 - Reduce the time to switch from FIX to Single to 10 seconds when there is a loss of corrections, not 60 seconds as it currently is.

3 - Allow users to set the age limit for corrections to maintain Fix when surveying or marking points. For example, users could define that it’s only possible to collect points with corrections aged up to 3 seconds. If the correction age is 4 seconds or more, it would not be possible to survey or mark the point.



If u slide the STATUS down though, it does not quit… but if you use the BACK button app quits.

App quits when using Status in Reach Panel also using back button.

Also app quits when using BACK button after selecting any main tabs at bottom. I.e. Receivers, Survey, Profile.

Android 14
Samsung S23 Ultra

31.8 firmware

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The same happened when they released version 9.7; later, they fixed it.


More bugs v9.9

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