Using REACH to survey under a tree canopy

Stop-and-go flow, processed kinematic.

Entire log-file was 4 hours, spent ~15 min on each point.

I guess that a total-station would be better for what you are trying to achieve. If cost is an important factor (assuming it is, since you have bought into Emlid products), find a used one on e-bay.

Yeah, the other issue is weight & usability.
We work with local people a lot, and many plots are only reachable by motorbike/foot with terrain and vegetationā€¦
We also have a working solution with Laser Range finders, but then you always need line of sight to at least two fixed points ā€¦ turns out not ver practical in the field.
Honestly I wonder sometimes how accurate mountain forest borders are in our well documented countries over hereā€¦


I know it has been years since this thread has been active, but does anyone have any pictures of the setup with an external antenna? I would like to try this, but not sure where to mount the external antenna?

Welcome back to the forum, @tompurdum!

Iā€™m sure our users can provide pictures of similar custom setups, but if you could let us know what kind of receiver you have and what kind of external antenna you want to use, I might be able to find similar solutions for you in our archive.

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That would be awesome. I am using either the Emlid Flow app on my iPhone or a Trimble TSC3. I prefer the app. As far as antenna goes, I really donā€™t know. It seems most use the Talsimann?

These are very good antennas, Harxon HXCGPS500 or HXCGPS1000. I use the HXCGPS500 for my M2 and also for my Ublox F9 evaluation kits.

These have published antenna calibration that can be used by OPUS or AUSPOS. They are about $400, but anything cheaper will have poor results unless they have calibration certificates.

I got mine at Swift Navigation


Here are a a couple of other options for external GNSS antennas.
I use their Calibrated Survey GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67) with my Emlid M2 receiver.


I use the (2) TOP106 which is calibrated also with 2 M2ā€™s. Works great!!


@mark1st.john, @timd1971 those are also great antennas ! yep I forgot about ArduSimple and Sparkfun . I forgot to mention I have their

Iā€™ve played around with it, itā€™s a pretty good setup. I think it has the UBLOX F9 chip. It works pretty good with FieldGenius.

I have so many toys I forget what I have sometimes !