Using Reach RS with EZSurv Post processing sw

Im trying something which (to me) should be quite simple.

Start Rinex log and keep on static point for 20-30 minutes. Stop logging, and import Rinex file into Ezsurv. Click on process which then takes the nearest CORS (uk based) station and combined output. That all works fine, however it cannot see a point.

Has anyone had the Reach RS working with EzSurv and can someone help with the workflow and settings for EzSurv. Such as Antenna Models (radius, measurement mark offset, L1 Offset, L2 Officet). I assume L2 is not used for the L1 unit only.

There’s an EZSurv rep here, who can tell you much more.
However, i have trialed the software, and must admit that while the auto-get is very nice, the application is not very user friendly, doesn’t give me more precision than RTKpost, and cost almost the same as 2 RS+ units.

It does have a very nice workflow when it comes to stop-and-go, where it can use the survey file from Reachview, but at that price, well, it can do it manually for some time… :wink:

I did wonder that - can you advise the workflow from Reeachview, as I tried saving a survey file and using that in EzSurv and it crashed - so dont know if I used the incorrect file format

Did you set the obs in EZSurv to static? It defaults to rover. That is the routine I use normally.

Ive now downloaded the application from Effigis and run a new dataset, with only 10 minutes static, Im getting 0.012 / 0.005 / 0/017 and my x,y, and z post processed - very happy!!

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