PPK stop-n-go using Reach RS and EZsurv

The following video is a brief tutorial/demo of creating GCPs using a Reach RS and EZsurv PPK software.


I’ve just learned of a better (i.e., the correct) way to process the Reach RS’s GCP file using EZsurv. Rather than using the Events Interpolator (which is optimized for correcting GPS position of photos that have been timestamped, on a drone that’s GPS is recording RAW logs), I should have used EZsurv’s utility that’s creates an EZSurv project file after reading the Reach RS’s GCP cvs file. I’ll provide an updated video in the next day or two that shows the use of the utility.

BTW, my experience with the EZsurv folks has been fantastic. They reviewed the video and kindly suggested I used the utility intended for Reach RS file.

Remind me again of the price? I asked for a quote before but it was a long time ago. But it is pretty good software.

updated video that demos the correct way to process Reach RS GCPs

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It’s been a long time since the last comment here, but I’m here to say that you can use our Emlid Studio app to calculate GCPs in PPK easily. Follow this guide about the Stop&Go method for more info!

Don’t hesitate to create a new thread if you have any questions!

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