Using radios with Reach M2

I have an uncle that I work with occasionally who has the Emlid system. I have my own base and rover system which is working great with some 915mhz radios. Right now we are only using it for guidance with AgOpenGPS. I would like to use emlids radios to where when I’m working with my uncle I can receive corrections from his base and not have to set up 2 bases in the same field. From what I’ve gathered, I could hook the radios up to his m2 and configure them, then hook the rx,tx,gnd,5v up to my system, and then I just need to pull P2 high for a second to wake the radio up?

Hi @979becker,

Emlid LoRa can work only with Reach devices. To work with Emlid base and your rover from another manufacturer, you need to use a couple of 3rd-party radios. For example, we’ve tested external UHF radios with Reach RS+. Also, in this conversation, users shared their experiences with other 3rd-party radios. I believe it may help you choose one.

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