Using NTRIP station 178 km away?


From what I can see, GNSS Solutions isn’t a free product? Can’t find a price, but can’t find a way to download (even for a trial) either?

Here, the thread topic is how to measure when referring to distant stations using a single-frequency receiver (here 143km). I do not advertise any software. But it is difficult to explain anything without specific information on the forum.
Here I show that a short static session is enough for the Reach module, but postprocessing is needed through VRS close to our point. This is a known Rapid Static method.
The self-generation of VRS is a task for professionals. It is better to order where they have such options.
In Poland, for example, ASG-EUPOS (governmental). The cost is 1-2 euros per VRS (3h sessions) (minimum order 70h). This is also not advertising, only information that does not make sense for your own postprocessing.
Let us not deviate from the subject. How does this 15-minute session with geodetic data of this point agree?

Thank you.

Here is the absolute coordintes for the point named A34T0123
60.275638120 - 5.077759770 WGS84

How far of is it?

But here is the result when i use @r.pazus processed value and compare it to known point.
paz= is processed and A34T0123 is the actual known point. Not shabby at all :+1:

Like the use of VRS to gain better process data.

So if I understand this correctly, being a n00b at this, GNSS Solutions uses more than one EUREF base station to create a VRF closer to the point of our raw logs? From that VRF, we can then get a another raw log, that can be for calculation in, say RTKpost, with a much smaller baseline ?

Exactly. A minimum of 3 reference stations are needed to generate VRS. Here in EUREF all were far away: stas (Stavanger) 143km, osls (Oslo) 301km and trds (Trondheim) 442km. This is an unfavorable situation in EUREF for this area of Norway.

This virtual session must be longer to receive such accuracy. EUREF has a disadvantage because the observations at the reference stations are in the interval of 30 seconds.

But our 15-minute Reach measurement is enough to get, as you can see, the high accuracy of the point’s location.
I did not check if there is any VRS generating service in Norway on request.
Included are the RINEX files used for the calculation. (572.2 KB) (171.1 KB)
Having VRS, there is no need for sofisticated postprocessing.

So what is the offset from unkown point ?

Processing from multiple base is available in RTKBASE from Francklin project. Demo here :

It autocorrect position using selected number of station from french network or NOAA. Project is opensource and hosted on github.

NRCAN updates

And yesterday I had to change RINEX ver.3.03 to 2.11 :slight_smile:

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Did you add those 3 stations manually or the entire euref list of stations?
I kind a struggle getting it to read or add new stations list.
I am missing the norwegians as you can see here

I got full access to stations from here

I added it manually, but it is quite complicated, because old software does not accept the new file name convention. In my activity on the domestic market, there is manual for this, but it is in Polish.
Does this point have coordinates in NTM? What about its height? Was the height to the ARP measured?

UTM32 only.

Orto = -0.24m below local href_nn2000

seems to work if one download and then import the.crx files

Then try to generate VRS as in detail from my report.
Attached report in UTM32.
Land Survey Overview4.pdf (112.7 KB)

Nope :thinking: . Program crashed when trying to compute vrs. Going to try a workaround and see if it works then.

I got the stations sorted out but run into ION error, i know i pointed the path to the right file.

You seems to have answered before her!topic/azus_star/Xby6bI7ihFU

The image does not correspont to GNSS solutions. Any advice here?

It is difficult to advise in a few sentences. There was probably no ion data in the navigation files. But here we are leaving the thread :slight_smile:! It is important to conclude that there are methods of a short static session with a good result.


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