Using EPSG 5650 in German with EMLID Flow online app

We used to work with (before working with EMLID Flow) the coordinate systems EPSG:4258 / EPSG:5650 which is DHHN Height and ETRS89 / UTM zone 33N (zE-N) with the leading zone Number 33.

We can still create a according project on the tablets, but it is not available while crating a new project in the online Flow app.
When creted on the Tablet it get synconized an we can use it normal, bu we like to create projects with such coordinate systems online too.

Can anybody help?

Hi @GeotechnikLabor,

A while ago, we updated the CRS registry and added the list of verified coordinate systems for each country. We’re still working on this new registry and adding new coordinate systems there.

Emlid Flow 360 supports only the new registry. That’s why not all systems are there for now.

I’ll pass your request on to the team.

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Hi again,

I’ve just realized EPSG:5650 is a variation of EPSG:25833 but with the easting zone prefix. EPSG:25833 is supported in both Emlid Flow and Flow 360. Any chance this coordinate system works for you too? If not, can you share why this easting zone prefix is crucial for your project?

There is only one reason: It’s the system chosen by the federal government (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).
The geological database from the government has chosen this only system (EPSG:5650)

I see. Thanks for the answer!

Is there any update on this? :grinning:

Hi @GeotechnikLabor,

Sorry for the delayed reply!

At the moment, we don’t have EPSG:5650 in a new registry. So it can’t be selected while creating a project in Emlid Flow 360. Still, it’s supported in a mobile app, Emlid Flow. You can use it as a current workaround.

I also wanted to add that we noted your request. Once we have any updates on it, I’ll post them in this thread so that you won’t miss the news.

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Hi @GeotechnikLabor,

I have some news for you! We’ve added EPSG:5650 to the new registry. So now you can create projects in it in Emlid Flow 360.

The name of the coordinate system in the app is ETRS89/DREF91/2016 UTM zone 33N (zE - N). But, since it’s in our new registry, you can easily find it by using the name of the country:

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