Using Emlid for fence markout

Hey everyone, I am new to Emlid and new to the forum. I own a fence company and am looking for a unit that will allow me to draw a simple A to B line and mark points every so many feet along that line. Our fence is all agriculture fence for livestock and the property owner always knows where the ends of the fence will be so that part is established, I would not have coordinates for any of these points. All I would be wanting to do is mark point A then mark point B and then mark the A to B line every 15 ft or so for the line posts. We can use line of sight sometimes but it requires 2 people and often doesnt work in hilly terrain. Can anyone tell me if any of the Emlid products are capable of what I have described? Thanks in advance!

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I am very interested in this aswell . But for now Emlid cant draw lines or points . I use the Emlid RS+ with Microsurveys FieldGenius to do that . Hopefully Emlid will include drawing in one of thier future updates.

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I guess its on the wishlist here Wishlist for ReachView 3.0

You could do this with a different application like Mobile topographer or similar.
Stakeout point A and B and the app ties a line between the two points.

Can NUWA do this?

I appreciate the replies and will look into some of the above mentioned suggestions. I do need sub-inch accuracy as the line of posts needs to be very straight to keep the customers happy.

Reach can definitely be sub-inch. It is the leveling (how precisely it is done) of rover-pole that dictates if you are full inch or half inch or less.

Yes, Nuwa

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