USB over ethernet connection to open ReachView to solve wifi issue

Hi Emlid community!
I have some problems to connect my Emlid Reach device to a laptop using a usb over ethernet wire. The devices that I use are the following:
Emlid Reach GPS:
Usb over ethernet:

The main reason wich I try to connect to my GPS device through a wired connection is that I have problems to connect it through wifi and I thought that wired connections can be more reliable than the wifi. I have configured the wifi settings introducing the name and the password of the main ned wifi that the device should connect. If I checked the clients of the router the IP of the Reach GPS appears, but i can’t acces to the ReachView through the browser.
Another fact to keep in mind is that if you boot the Reach GPS out of the range of the preconfigured Wifi ned. If you acces to the REachView using the gps broadcast and forces the connection to the defined main ned the device it connects without problems, and you can acces to the ReachView interface.

I run this tests in Ubuntu 16.04 SO.

Anyone have any suggestion to solve this kind of issues?

Thank you in advance.

I own a DUB-E100 and if I can find it, I may be able to help.

  1. Please confirm that you have Reach RS, not Reach RS+.

  2. Did you use ssh to log in to Reach and set up the DUB-E100 interface? (Yes/No)

  3. Is your intention that Reach will communicate with your LAN (all devices). Or is your intention that Reach will communcate only with your Ubuntu computer?

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Hi bide, thanks for your quick response.

  1. The device which I work is the Reach, this device have been repalced with Reach M+.

  2. No I don’t use the ssh to connect to the Reach. I was trying to follow the steps of this old posts:
    [GPS data over USB]
    [Connecting Reach RTK to Laptop using a Ethernet RJ45 Connector]

  3. I add a schematic of the GPS’s setup that we want to use. With the link 1 we use an ethernet connection and the Link 2 we want to chose between wifi link or the usb over ethernet link.

Thank you!

It’s strange behavior, @SRV.
Did you try to use ReachView mobile app?
Did you try to reflash your Reach?

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Hello @andrew.yushkevich!
Yes, it’s really strange, and the most strange fact is that if I turn on the Reach far away from the wifi networks, and I acces to the ReachView through the hotspot, I can force the connection to the desired network and all the process works well. I can connect easily to the REachView and the GPS device works. Another strange thing is that the GPS IP appears in the net router, and this IP have ping.

On the other hand if I turn on the GPS device near to the wifi network, the GPS does not generate the hotspot net, and does not connect ti the desired net either. Then I can’t acces to the ReachView to configure the device.

I use two ways to acces to the ReachView, on the one hand acces through ip on the other hand through the mobile App.

I reflashed the device at the last updated image: [ Reach Image v2.16 ]

Anyone know what might be happening?? @bide

It seems like an issue with your network.
Can you test Reach with other Wi-Fi?
Do you have any failed tests on :5000 port?

Also, please, send me a full system report.

Hi @andrew.yushkevich.
I attached you a System Report of the Emlid GPS device.
I extract this document after have been doing the following steps:

1)Turn on the GPS until the hotspot was stablished.
2)Turn on the router, wich creates the main wifi net.
3)Acces to the GPS device through the hotspot and force the device to connect to the desired wifi.

This is the only way that works.

I can see no issues in the system report.
Do you have 2.16.0 or 2.16.2 ReachView version?

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