Usb output

I’m trying to read nmea output from reach rover through usb to my computer.

I’m powering reach through usb from computer
I have 3dr radio with correction signal on the DF13 port
I must disconnect radio when I start the rover, but then it works.
but when I set: output setting: ttyUSB0 to get the nmea signal to computer
reachwiew don’t work. it"locks"
what do I do wrong?
is output through usb not ready yet?



Please flash your module with the latest firmware, we have fixed the issue with modules not starting when a radio is connected a long time ago. Here is how.

What is exactly the result that you want to achieve? I believe that what you want to do, is to have a serial port connection on your computer. This is not how USB on Reach works. USB on Reach is not just a serial to usb converter as it is in many products, it is a full-fledged USB OTG port, which means that it has numerous modes of operation. You can actually establish a network connection through it. Here you can learn how to do so.

About the lock on ReachView with an incorrect parameter, we are aware of this issue and additional validity checks are coming in the next update.

Hi Ivereninov, I have a small question about sending files from the Reach to a PC using a USB connection.

I have followed this guide to “Use Ethernet over USB”: , and have been able to ping my reach with ping (I am on Linux 14.04).

After this, how do I access files from (my reach rtk).

This is intended for a robot to move and instantaneously receive data logs from the Reach RTK connected to it through USB. I know ssh is a possibility, but going through a wifi network might slow data transfer down and would make it harder to implement as a single piece of code that could be run to transfer data files from the Reach to the Robot directly (the robot is a Clearpath robot, running linux).

Also, how would I be able to transfer timestamped solutions to my robot?




Do you really need the log files and not the real-time data stream? You can set up NMEA output as TCP server on a certain port, for example 9000. From the host machine you will be able to access the stream on

Hi Ivereninov,

The real time data stream would be best. Is there any other way to get the NMEA data through my USB other than using a TCP connection? Because ROS has an nmea_navsat_driver node that automatically gets NMEA data through serial USB. Let me know, thanks :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a way to use UART?

Hi Egor,

I created a ROS node that reads the TCP data directly from the Reach RTK and outputs it into a ros topic. My issue now is that, after I run sudo ifconfig usb0, as described in the ethernet USB connection tutorial (, but it disconnects every minute and I have to keep retyping sudo ifconfig usb0 in order to re-establish connection between the computer and the Reach through TCP. Do you know of any way I might be able to fix this? Thanks :slight_smile:


That seems like abnormal behavior. What do you connect Reach to? Do you experience lack of data on the TCP port? Can it be a power issue with Reach rebooting?

@Gabe I am trying to do the same thing in ROS and also really need to get the nema data from serial. Could you post a link to your ros node?

@Gabe Sounds like your problem is NetworkManager (or equivalent).

For a temporary solution:
sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager stop

If that fixes your problem then tell network-manger to leave your usb0 alone or tell it to give usb0 a static address at

…oops, just realized your post is over a week old. Leaving it here anyway.

Hi @sonyccd, I will upload the final version to github in the next few days and will send you the link, just adding finishing touches to the code.

Well it does not look like I will need it. I am not using the uart out to Jackal and using the nmea_serial_drive to read that and have the 3dr radio on the usb otg. this seems to be working well, but i might need that code in the future.

Hey, would it be possible to get a link to the github code also? I am interested in integrating the Reach with ROS over TCP .



Yea Sure!

Here it is:

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