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Hello iop help when uploading a .csv file this tells me that a lost column has some idea upload the file and photo

name longitude latitude elevation
POINT 001 -116.3608708 32.59078821 0. 000
POINT 002 -116.3603384 32.59080875 0. 000
POINT 117 -116.3584835 32.59118142 0. 000
POINT 118 -116.3584364 32.59065798 0. 000
POINT 003 -116.3600893 32.58899336 0. 000
POINT 004 -116.360212 32.5905582 0. 000
POINT 150 -116.3566005 32.59236343 0. 000
POINT 151 -116.3565535 32.59184088 0. 000
POINT 152 -116.3565063 32.59131649 0. 000
POINT 153 -116.3564589 32.59079024 0. 000
POINT 154 -116.3564114 32.59026209 0. 000
POINT 159 -116.3548218 32.59246322 0. 000
POINT 160 -116.3547811 32.59194033 0. 000
POINT 162 -116.3547402 32.59141558 0. 000
POINT 163 -116.3546991 32.59088897 0. 000
POINT 164 -116.3546579 32.59036048 0. 000
POINT 106 -116.3601957 32.58898805 0. 000
POINT 171 -116.3609837 32.59222865 0. 000
POINT 173 -116.3603449 32.59225329 0. 000
POINT 177 -116.359562 32.59112083 0. 000
POINT 178 -116.3595408 32.59085081 0. 000
POINT 179 -116.3602319 32.59081197 0. 000
POINT 180 -116.3602531 32.59108199 0. 000

when I try to upload the .cvs file I can only do it by the browser but it tells me the same as in the photo and when I try to upload a single point dxf file (although these are in utm system) maybe give me an error in the dxf but the .csv are in LLH

I am sure you followed this:

Maybe collect a couple points in ReachView Survey, then EXPORT the CSV file and use that for your template?

DXF may be a little trickier depending on where it came from. i.e. AutoCAD, FieldGenius etc. So you’ll have to make sure the correct EXPORT settings from those programs are correct or trial and error until you get them in. I am sure ReachView will have restrictions on DXF, such as linework, probably ONLY points allowed.


in the second photo I have the file as explained the support documents but still let me import the dots

maybe the EXTRA space after the decimal “.” is causing the problem?

Your error above complains that ‘elevation’ is missing. You are actually missing all the column names:

POINT 001,-116.3608708,32.59078821,0. 000

If you don’t include the column name, then it doesn’t know which column is which. Ask youself, “How would it the importer know which is longitude and which is latitude without including the column names?”


in my file I add the name of the columns as it is that the importer does not know the order because in documents so it marks

Can you try this?

Or just use the Emlid csv template?

Point 1,30.339,59.958,53.618
Point 2,30.334,59.960,58.944

i try it this moment

this the foto one point

and I wanted to use mobile topographer but Ntrip client does not work and mapit does not connect to rs2

Hi @abel.ccaamao,

May I ask you to post your CSV file here?

Please create a separate thread and specify on which step of this guide you faced an issue.

Hi Bide.

Could you give an example of the correct form?
In my RS I have the same problem when I manually enter the points for stakeout.

You can find template in the Import window in ReachView as well as in our docs:

Point 1,30.339,59.958,53.618
Point 2,30.334,59.960,58.944

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Thanks Andrew.

It’s the same way I do it when I manually put them in.
I get the missing message column “elevation”.
The only difference is that I use more decimals in Long and Lat.

Can you confirm that manually entering the coordinates in the RS works correctly ?.

Before I had no problems to do so until the latest versions.

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Here’s a working example with your data:

POINT 001, -116.3608708, 32.59078821, 0.000
POINT 002, -116.3603384, 32.59080875, 0.000

Please, share your csv file here.

What RS device and ReachView version do you have?

Oh no, I manually place the coordinates.
open reachview.
I create a new project, then I go to the “import” option and choose to paste text.
I activate the keyboard of my iPhone and write the coordinates, columns: name,Lon, Lat, Elev …

In previous versions I did it without problems but in these last ones I cannot.
My devices are Reach RS v2.18

I am noticing that in the example you gave Abel there is a space between the columns.


Is the space between coordinates and elevation correct?.
I do not place that space, it can be my mistake.

The example above is acceptable by RS2 20.2.5 and RS+ 2.18.1.
There’s no issue with importing CSV file.

That’s my fault, there should be no spaces.
However, Reach can handle both options.

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