Upgrade has error?

I performed an apt upgrade and received this error:

/boot/initrd.img-4.1.15-rt17-v7+ does not exist. Cannot update.
Do I need to worry?
I note that the wifi dirivers are back. Thanks :slight_smile:

That is strange. What image are you using? The Linux 4.1 is a thing of past now. So I assume you’re not using the latest image?

George, yes, I am using the latest image.
See my other threads on that topic

Oh, I think I kind of get what the problem might be. Are you stuck with a Raspberry Pi 1? We haven’t been using it for a while. It’s not worth supporting it as it lags behind Raspberry Pi 2/3 so drastically and costs the same amount of money.

No I am on a Pi 2

Hey guys,
I’m using rpi2 model b with last image and i have the same problem.
Do you have any solutions ?


I’m having the same problem but i’m using raspberry pi 3.

–> /boot/initrd.img-4.1.15-rt17-v7+ does not exist. Cannot update.

Guys, this is a leftover from previous upgrade system routine. Don’t take that in mind. Sorry for the misconvenience.

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