Updates on Reach receivers

A atualização do firmware dos aparelhos (base e rover) funciona automaticamente agora? eu atualizei o rover, e a base não mostra mais para atualizar… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve used Google translate, so bear with me please:

Does the firmware update of the handsets (base and rover) work automatically now? I updated the rover, and the base no longer shows to update…

@joaovitorlara8 , to answer your question: the ReachView 3 app updates automatically if you configured it to do it. You can change it on your smartphone settings.

If we’re talking about the firmware on our receivers, you need to update them manually. The notifications about the updates come up only when the receivers are connected to the Internet. So this may be the reason why you don’t see it on one of your receivers.

Also, please use English on the public side of the forum :slight_smile: This way, it’s easier for all of the users to help with your questions.


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